Issue 6

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  • Issue number: 6

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
History of the Soviet Union’s foreign policy
Development of the foreign policy of the Soviet state 1917–1939 Irina Hormach Pages 3-16
The Reykjavík summit: success or failure? Aleksandr Puchenkov Pages 17-29
Russia and the world
Russian-Turkish War 1686–1700 Andrey Guskov / Kirill Kochegarov / Stepan Shamin Pages 30-49
Role of Russia in the European system of the international relations during Elizabeth Petrovna’s reign Maxim Anisimov Pages 50-62
The Russian diplomatic mission at the Perpetual Diet in Regensburg during the reign of Catherine II Maria Petrova Pages 63-76
Projects of the first Russian Antarctic expedition of 1819–1821 Dmitriy Kopelev Pages 77-89
Institutes and communities
Reforms of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1802–1914): milestones, trends and results Irina Rybachenok Pages 90-110
Russian military agents in London and their working methods (1875–1885) Aleksandr Tomilin Pages 111-120
Professional community
N.S. Kinyapina – the researcher and the teacher (Centenary of the Professor) Vadim Mukhanov Pages 121-130
Source studies
The «Lost» source: Titular book of 1577 Andrey Belyakov Pages 131-142
History of power
Students’ conscription to the Army (1899–1901) Anatoliy Ivanov Pages 143-155
Discussing recent books
A book about the Soviet school’s best years Tamara Krasovitskaya Pages 156-160
Soviet society through the prism of the school’s everyday history Tatiana Smirnova Pages 161-165
Focusing on everyday history of the Soviet school Denis Kirilyuk Pages 166-171
Future researchers will have to consider this book Vitaliy Tikhonov Pages 171-173
Experience of Soviet school Vladimir Kruglov Pages 174-179
New edition of the Moscow-Lithuanian treaties of the mid-15th – mid-16th centuries: concept and its implementation Konstantin Erusalimskiy / Sergey Polekhov Pages 180-186
V.P. Kozlov. «Ubrat’ v istoriyu…»: Krest’yanskiy rod i poseleniye Tul’skogo kraya v XVI–XX vekah». Ch. 1. Konets XVI v. – 1917 g. Moscow, 2019 Irina Pushkareva Pages 186-190
V.B. Aksenov. Slukhi, obrazy, emotsii. Massovye nastroyeniya rossiyan v gody voiny i revolyutsii (1914–1918). Moscow, 2020 Igor Bogomolov Pages 191-196
Denikinskaya «avtonomiya» v Dagestane. 1919–1920 gg. Issledovaniia i materialy. Makhachkala, 2018 Imanutdin Sulaev Pages 197-200
A critical history of а project about the Civil war Vladislav Goldin Pages 200-204
T.M. Smirnova. Deti strany Sovetov: ot gosudarstvennoy politiki k realiyam povsednevnoy zhizni. 1917–1940 gg. Moscow; Saint Petersburg, 2015 Galina Ulianova Pages 204-212

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