Issue 1

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Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
On the way of wolf domestication Viktor Ya. Sergin Pages 5-17
Analysis of ochre samples from the cultural layer of the Chamber of Signs at the Kapova cave Alexander Pakhunov / Roman Svetogorov / Alexey Ovcharov / Mikhail Shushunov / Roman Senin Pages 18-30
Radiocarbon chronology of the Neolithic – Chalcolithic sites of the extreme European northeast: a critical analysis of data Victor N. Karmanov / Nataliya E. Zaretskaya Pages 31-46
Site catchment analysis of Eneolithic–medieval settlements in the Central Baraba Lowland Anastasia V. Nikulina / Ivan D. Zolnikov / Olga I. Novikova Pages 47-58
Horizon of the Late Bronze burials in the classical necropolis Volna-1 on the Taman Peninsula Marina Klemeshova / Roman Mimokhod / Nikolay Sudarev Pages 59-73
Natural objects in the funeral rites of the rural population of the European Bosporus: to interpretation Natalia Kuzina Pages 74-85
Chemical and technological analysis of objects with champlevé enamels from the collection of the State Hermitage Museum Olga S. Rumyantseva / Irina Saprykina / Sergey V. Voroniatov / Alexander A. Trifonov / Dmitry A. Khanin Pages 86-101
The fortified settlements of Demidovka and Vyazovenki in Smolensk land: hierarchy, chronology and cultural attribution Nikolay A. Krenke / Mikhail M. Kazansky / N. Lopatin / Kirill Ganichev / Ivan N. Ershov / Ekaterina Ershova / Fyodor Modestov / Vera A. Raeva Pages 102-121
Some ceramic vessels from the Byzantine peripheral of the 8th–9th centuries Ekaterina A. Armarchuk / Vasily Gukin Pages 122-132
Some issues of stratigraphy of the Bolgar fortified ancient town Aleksandra A. Golyeva / Vladimir Yu. Koval Pages 133-151
To studying the funeral rites of the population of Chechnya in the 13th–16th centuries (pit graves) Magomed A. Tangiev Pages 152-168
Abandoned well with burials in the fortified settlement of the Scythian period near Zadonsk Yuri D. Razuvaev Pages 169-178
Technological peculiarities of iron objects from the settlement of Stepanovo 2 Vladimir I. Zavyalov Pages 179-184
The International scientific conference XXXI Krupnov readings “Archaeological heritage of the Caucasus: topical issues of studying and preservation” (Makhachkala, 2020) Murtazali S. Gadjiev / Emma D. Zilivinskaya / S. A. Kulakov / S. N. Savenko / Vladimir Erlikh Pages 185-187
Valentin Lavrentyevich Yanin Nikolay A. Makarov / Petr G. Gaydukov / Leonid A. Belyaev Pages 187-189
In memory of Tamara Anatolyevna Pushkina N.V. Eniosova / А.R. Kantorovich Pages 189-191
Fortified Settlements of Demidovka and Vyazovenki in the Smolensk Land: Hierarchy, Chronology and Cultural Attribution Nikolay A. Krenke / Mikhail M. Kazansky / N. Lopatin / Kirill Ganichev / Ivan N. Ershov / Ekaterina Ershova / Fyodor Modestov / Vera A. Raeva Pages 192-210

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