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Table of contents

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The centenary anniversary of Russian academic archaeology: results of the year Rossiiskaia arkheologiia Editorial Office Pages 7-8
Dendrochronological and radiocarbon dating of Eastern European oak (1074–1306) Alexey A. Karpukhin / Bulat F. Khasanov / Nikolay A. Krenke / Maria M. Pevzner / Lydia N. Solovyeva Pages 9-21
Regularities in the spatial location of archaeological objects in Tomsk Region Ivan D. Zolnikov / Anastasia V. Nikulina / Konstantin K. Pavlenok / Anton V. Vybornov / Aleksandr V. Postnov / Dmitry A. Bychkov / Nadezhda V. Glushkova Pages 22-31
The Middle and Far East: general and special of the two centres of pottery emergence Yuri B. Tsetlin / Natalya Yu. Petrova Pages 32-43
The Kama flood plain: reconstruction of the natural habitat of ancient and medieval communities in the Middle Cis-Urals Nataliya E. Zaretskaya / Evgenia L. Lychagina / Elena G. Lapteva / Svetlana S. Trofimova / Aleksey V. Chernov Pages 44-59
Variability of the cultural layer properties of the Bronze Age settlement Ksizovo-1 in the forest-steppe Don region Anastasia V. Potapova / Viktor N. Pinskoy / Evgeny I. Gak / Natalya N. Kashirskaya / Aleksandr V. Borisov Pages 60-75
The chora of Bosporus in the 3rd–2nd centuries BC Aleksandr A. Maslennikov Pages 76-89
Female burials of the South-East Baltics of the 1st–8th centuries Olga A. Khomyakova Pages 90-106
“Treasure-hunting” as a factor of destruction of Modern Age archaeological sites (the case of the Republic of Bashkortostan) Aynur I. Tuzbekov Pages 107-116
Serny klyuch as a site of Abashevo “expedition” to the mountain forest zone of the Middle Urals Viktor А. Borzunov / Vladimir I. Stefanov / Galina V. Beltikova / Sergey V. Kuzminykh Pages 117-131
Antique winery from the excavations of the fortified settlement Taman 16 Emma D. Zilivinskaya / Nadezhda S. Maltseva / Pavel A. Petrov / Pavel M. Sokolov Pages 132-140
Kalmaniemi 1 – a burial complex of the viking age in the northern ladoga littoral Stanislav V. Belsky / Kirill V. Shmelev Pages 141-156
Knives, grips, sheaths from Pereyaslavl Ryazansky (based on materials of the Zhitny excavation site) Vladimir I. Zavyalov Pages 157-164
The Resurrection church of the Derevyanitsky monastery of 1335 Ilya V. Antipov / Valentin A. Bulkin / Aleksey V. Zherve Pages 165-180
Review of Books
Western European authors of the 15th–17th centuries on Russia: materials for a bibliographic dictionary / Comp. by P.D. Malygin; ed. by P.G. Gaydukov. Moscow: IA RAS, 2018. 192 p. Igor Kurukin Pages 181-182
Anniversary of Russian academic archaeology Marina V. Vdovichenko Pages 183-185
The XXI Ural Archaeological Meeting. Samara. October 8–12, 2018 A. A. Vybornov / S. E. Zubov / A. F. Kochkina / Sergey V. Kuzminykh / V. N. Myshkin / Dmitry A. Stashenkov / M. A. Turetsky Pages 186-188
The collapse of empires and the fate of European archaeology: Reflections over the Goslar Conference E. V. Detlova / Mikhail Kovalev / Sergey V. Kuzminykh / A. O. Nagler Pages 188-191
The International conference “Attila’s Europe? Structural transformation and strategies of success in the European Hun period” (Budapest, 2019) Dmitry S. Korobov / V. Kulchar Pages 192-193
Vladimir Danilovich Baran Igor O. Gavritukhin / Andrey M. Oblomsky / V. Е. Rodinkova Pages 194-195

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