Issue 4

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  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
To the 70th anniversary of Kh.А. Amirkhanov
Khizri Amirkhanovich Amirkhanov: a life in archaeology S. Vasilyev Pages 7-9
Stone tool inventory of the Oldowan station Muhkai II, Layer 80 (Northeastern Caucasus) Dmitry Ozherelyev Pages 10-26
Paleolythic dwellings of Anosovka-Mezin type: construction features and the issue of interpretation Gennady A. Khlopachev / Konstantin N. Gavrilov Pages 27-42
The Neolithic of the North Caucasus revisited Elena V. Leonova Pages 43-53
Cremation rite among Andronovo (Fedorovo) population: semantic aspect Igor Kukushkin Pages 54-65
The cultural and chronological horizon of ornaments with enamels in the Upper Don region Andrey M. Oblomsky / Irina Saprykina Pages 66-85
Birituality in the “Vyatich” funeral rite: paradoxes of the Kremenye cemetery Aleksandr S. Syrovatko / Natalia G. Svirkina / Ekaterina Kleshchenko Pages 86-101
History of Science
To the anniversary of the Institute Of Archaeology RAS: Moscow Division of the Russian Academy for the History of Material Culture – the State Institute for the History of Material Culture, Moscow Branch of the State Institute for the History of Material Culture – the Institute for the History of Material Culture Irina V. Belozerova / Petr G. Gaydukov / Sergey V. Kuzminykh Pages 102-117
Mukhino mounds: The 1913 excavations of Slavic sites in Kursk area of the Seym region by A.V. Filippov Svetlana I. Baranova Pages 118-126
New petroglyphs of the Sheremetyevo complex on the river Ussuri Artur R. Laskin / Ekaterina G. Devlet / Marianna A. Devlet / Yuri M. Svoyskiy / Ekaterina V. Romanenko Pages 127-133
Dark-glossed gray clay pottery from the Polyanka settlement in the Eastern Crimea Aleksandr A. Maslennikov Pages 134-143
Glass from the 2017 and 2019 excavations in the Russian museum and park complex in Jericho Larisa A. Golofast Pages 144-157
Byzantine vessel from Veliky Novgorod Vladimir Yu. Koval Pages 158-166
An icon-pendant with the image of St. Nestor of Thessaloniki from Suzdal Opolye Nikolay A. Makarov / Irina E. Zaitseva Pages 167-176
Archaeology of the Novodevichy Convent in Moscow: preliminary results Leonid A. Belyaev / Olga N. Glazunova / Svetlana B. Grigorian / Irina I. Elkina / Seraphim G. Shulyaev Pages 177-192
Review of Books
Avilova L.I. Anatolian hoards of metal items: studies in metal production and cultural context. M.: IA RAS, 2018 E. V. Yarovoy Pages 193-194
A new book on Sarmatian studies. A.S. Skripkin “Sarmatians”. Volgograd: Publishing House of VolSU, 2017 A. P. Medvedev Pages 195-197
The Fourth International Conference “Archaeology and Geoinformatics” (Moscow, 2019) Dmitry Korobov Pages 198-200
International Conference “Phenomena of Eneolithic Cultures – the Early Bronze Age of steppe and forest-steppe zones of Eurasia: Ways of cultural interaction in the 5th–3rd millennia BC”. (Orenburg, April 16–19, 2019) N. L. Morgunova / A. A. Yevgenyev / L. V. Kuptsova / A. A. Kovalev / S. N. Korenevskiy / Sergey V. Kuzminykh / Vyacheslav I. Molodin / A. V. Polyakov / Natalia P. Salugina Pages 201-206
To the 90th anniversary of Anatoly Nikolaevich Kirpichnikov V. A. Lapshin Pages 207-208

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