Issue 8

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  • Volume: 65
  • Issue number: 8

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The World at the Beginning of Millennium
Contemporary Competition: Process or Result? Nadezhda M. Rozanova Pages 5-13
The Modern Financial Conglomerates Competition Sergey K. Dubinin Pages 14-21
Economy, Economic Theory
Servitization of Industry: New Evidence Vladimir B. Kondratyev / Galina V. Kedrova / Vladimir V. Popov Pages 22-30
Pacific Asia: Prospects for Development
South Korea and the U.S. Strategy of Free and Open Indo-Pacific Oleg V. Davydov Pages 31-40
National Security and Development as Strategic Priorities of the Republic of Korea and Japan Alexandr N. Fedorovsky / Vitaly G. Shvydko Pages 41-50
Prospects for Cooperation Between Russia and the Republic of Korea in the Fields of Big Data, Network and Artificial Intelligence for the Development of the Digital Economy Yujeong Kim Pages 51-60
Europe: New Realities
Relations between Germany and the Countries of North Africa (Political and Military Aspects) Philipp Trunov Pages 61-71
COVID-19 Pandemic as a Challenge to Franco-German Leadership in the EU Pavel Timofeev / Mariya V. Khorol'skaya Pages 72-80
China: Domestic and Foreign Policies
China in Global Capital Markets Maxim A. Potapov / Nikolay N. Kotlyarov Pages 81-89
Arctic: New Region of World Policy
Goals and Objectives of the State Policy of the Republic of Korea in the Arctic (Evolution and promising directions) H.-K. Seo / J.-K. Pak / Igor Chistov Pages 90-96
Contemporary Problems of Development
Christian Churches and the Antiidentist Revolution Roman N. Lunkin / Sergei B. Filatov Pages 97-108
Politics and Society
Authoritariansm of the 21st Century: Analysis in the Institutional Purpose Paradigm Yuliy A. Nisnevich Pages 109-119
“A Disunited Kingdom”: the Muslim Diaspora of Great Britain in Scientific Discussion Maxim Sigachev / Sergey Arteev Pages 120-130
Politicization of Ethnicity and Related Phenomena Petr V. Oskolkov Pages 131-138

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