Issue 4

  • 830 rub.
  • Volume: 65
  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The World at the Beginning of Millennium
Globalization of World Economy: Trends and Contradictions Grigorii Feigin Pages 5-13
Regulation of Anthropogenic Load of the Habitat Vladimir Fal'tsman Pages 14-20
Latin America in the South-South Cooperation Against the Background of Globalization Controversies Lazar Jeifets / Kseniya A. Konovalova Pages 21-29
Security Problems in Contemporary World
Regional Security Complexes (Spatial Autocorrelation and Cluster Analysis Stimulation) Igor Okunev / Vasily V. Vinogradov Pages 30-41
Europe: New Realities
Coronacrisis in the EU: A Knock-Down or a Jump-Off for Integration? Daria Chupina Pages 42-49
Ordoliberal Foundations of European Economic Policy: Myths and Reality Dmitrii Trubnikov Pages 50-57
The Economy of Self-Declared Kosovo Elena S. Arlyapova / Elena Ponomareva Pages 58-70
Factors of Coalitional Governments Formation between Regionalist and Nationwide Political Parties in Regions of Spain Evgeniya Yu. Filippova Pages 71-79
From the History of IMEMO
About an Attempt to Create a Theory of International Relations in IMEMO in the 1970s Nikolay Kosolapov / Aleksandr A. Aleshin / Alexey Davydov / Sergey V. Kislitsyn Pages 80-91
Greater Middle East
Reforming the Saudi Economy: Results and Perspectives Andrey V. Fedorchenko Pages 92-102
Migration in Contemporary World
Adaptation and Integration of International Migrants: Theoretical and Methodological Problems Leonid A. Kononov / Viktoriya Yu. Ledeneva Pages 103-112
Non-Western Political Theories
Non-Western Theories of Development in the Global Capitalism Era Denis Degterev Pages 113-122
Contemporary Problems of Development
Religion, Politics and Civilizational Dynamics in the Modern World Evgenii B. Rashkovskii Pages 123-131
The Crisis of Secularism in India Dmitry B. Abramov Pages 132-138

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