Issue 2

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  • Volume: 65
  • Issue number: 2

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
China: Domestic and Foreign Policies
The PRC’s Approach Towards the South China Sea Territorial Dispute and Russia’s Foreign Policy Andrei D. Dikarev / Alexander V. Lukin Pages 5-15
Europe: New Realities
Germany and China: Partners, Competitors or Systemic Rivals? Boris Zaritskiy Pages 16-28
Party System Transformation in Germany Fedor A. Basov Pages 29-36
Post-Brexit Britain's Military Strategy Dmitrii Shikhov Pages 37-44
The UK’s Government and Regulatory Policy Responses to Fintech Inna Podkolzina Pages 45-52
Economy, Economic Theory
COVID-19 Pandemic: World Central Banks’ Reactions to Economic Downturn V. Usoskin Pages 53-61
Green Bonds: New Trends in the Global Market and Opportunities for Russian Economy Elena Kiseleva Pages 62-70
Greater Middle East
Terrorist Threats in Afghanistan and Pakistan: Cоmparative Analysis Georgy G. Machitidze Pages 71-80
At Post-Soviet Space
SCO and EAEU in the Context of Eurasian Integration Konstantin Kurylev / Dmitriy Malyshev / Anna A. Khotivrishvili / Vladislav Shablovskii Pages 81-88
Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan: Features of the Transit of Power Stanislav Pritchin Pages 89-99
Islamic Capital in Kazakhstan Almira Z. Nagimova Pages 100-108
Politics and Society
The Debate about Collective Goods in the Context of Contemporary Issues of Global Governance Sergei Lebedev / Andrei Kazantsev / Lusine Fljyan / Svetlana Medvedeva Pages 109-116
The Trajectory of Development of Social Partnership Anna Fedchenko / Ekaterina Daskova / Natal‘ya V. Dorokhova Pages 117-124
Social Problems
Pandemic Testing of the Sustainability of Emerging Trends in Higher Education Ekaterina Antyukhova / Petr Kasatkin Pages 125-133
Around Books
Minority Languages Through the Prism of “Mirror Optics” Sergey Arteev Pages 134-138

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