Issue 6

  • 792 rub.
  • Volume: 64
  • Issue number: 6

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The World at the Beginning of Millennium
Arms and Diplomacy Aleksei G. Arbatov Pages 9-23
Armed Conflicts in the Early 21st Century: Typology and Directions of Transformation Ekaterina A. Stepanova Pages 24-39
NATO versus PESCO: Economic Aspects Vladislav Vorotnikov / Nikolay P. Gribin / Darya A. Petlyaeva / Evgenia V. Pimenova / Ul’yana V. Yakutova Pages 40-50
Will European Union Become a Global Power Center? Nadezhda K. Arbatova Pages 51-65
China: Domestic and Foreign Policies
China’s Path of Reform under Conditions of Globalization Olga N. Borokh / Alexandr V. Lomanov Pages 66-75
Chinese Economy in the Conditions of Trade War Lyubov V. Novoselova Pages 76-84
U.S. – China Relations in 2018—2019: Trade War and the Process of Decoupling Yana V. Leksyutina Pages 85-93
Greater Middle East
The Middle East at a Time of “Negative Certainty” Irina D. Zvyagelskaya / Irina A. Svistunova / Nikolay Y. Surkov Pages 94-103
On the Issue of Classification of Non-State Actors in the Middle East Vitaliy Naumkin / Vasily A. Kuznetsov Pages 104-113
Pacific Asia: Prospects for Development
North-East Asia in the Context of China’s Global Interests and Policy “In a New Era” Viktor Larin Pages 114-122
Republic of Korea and Japan Interplay with China: Opportunities, Risks and Prospects Alexandr N. Fedorovsky / Vitaly G. Shvydko Pages 123-132
India and China: the Non-Zero-Sum Game Aleksey V. Kupriyanov Pages 133-141
ASEAN–China Cooperation: the Кey to Рeace in South-East Asia Grigorii M. Lokshin Pages 142-150

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