Issue 1

  • 792 rub.
  • Volume: 64
  • Issue number: 1

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The World at the Beginning of Millennium
Global Transport & Logistics Infrastructure Vladimir Varnavsky Pages 5-14
Digitalizartion of World Trade: Scope, Forms, Implications Irina A. Strelets / Sergey Chebanov Pages 15-25
Patterns of NATO Evolution: Achievements and Prospects Igor Istomin / Irina V. Bolgova / Andrey A. Sushentsov / Ol'ga I. Rebro Pages 26-34
Pacific Asia: Prospects for Development
Perspectives of Hegemony in the Eastern Asia in Light of the World-System Approach Sergei E. Yachin / Il'ya V. Kupriyashkin / Mei-lan Hung Pages 35-45
Korean Crisis and Regional Proceses in Northeast Asia Alexandr N. Fedorovsky Pages 46-55
The Peace Process on the Korean Peninsula: Problems and Prospects Oleg V. Davydov / Marina N. Novichkova Pages 56-63
EAEU–ASEAN: Results and Prospects of Cooperation Evgeny A. Kanaev / Alexander S. Korolev Pages 64-72
Integrated Studies at IMEMO
Economy of the European Union: a Decade after the Crisis Efim S. Khesin Pages 73-81
Civilization processes of modern world development
The Civilizational Dimension of Modern World Development: Problems and Approaches Igor’ V. Sledzevskii Pages 82-90
Conceptualisation of “Asian Values” in Malaysia and Singapore Larisa M. Efimova / Natalia I. Khokhlova Pages 91-98
Economy, Economic Theory
Models of Oil Exporting Countries’ Inclusion into Oil Refining Global Value Chains Olga A. Klochko / Anna A. Grigorova Pages 99-109
Latin America: in Search of Own Way
Colombia: Peace Process and Challenges in the Post-Conflict Period Zbigniew Iwanowsky Pages 110-118
At Post-Soviet Space
Presidential Elections in Georgia in the Light of Foreign Policy Priorities Nana A. Gegelashvili Pages 119-128
Researcher’s Opinion
Bureaucracy and Intellectuals: Toward Interpretation of Basic Contradictions in Present-Day Society Evgenii B. Rashkovskii Pages 129-135
Around Books
How to Organize Promotion of Ideas and Products in Social Sciences Evgeny G. Kutovoy Pages 136-138

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