A. L. Zhuravlev

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Professor, Scientific Adviser of Institute of Psychology RAS

Institute of Psychology RAS


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Representations of Ya. A. Ponomarev on the psychological mechanism of collective creativity and their development (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
Forecasting and its prospects in psychological science(reply to participants of the discussion) (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
Socio-psychological consequences of new technologies adoption: perspective directions of research (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
Big data analysis in psychology and social sciences: perspective directions of research (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
The biosocial problem in the context of global psychological science: concerningthe “universal” human psychology (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
E.A. Budilova on the development of socio-psychological problems in russian science and social practice (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
Psychology of relations by V. N. Miasishchev: origins and contents (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
History of domestic applied social psychology: development of relations between fundamental science and practice (based on interview with E.S. Chugunova (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
Russian psychology in the context of global science: answering disputants (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
Attitude of residents of russia to information on the coronavirus pandemia (on the example of users of the internet search systems) (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) 5.0
Empirical and applied works in the scientific heritage of B.D. Parygin (the 90-th anniversary) (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
Climate change impact on mental health: psychological analysis (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
The history of organization and beginning of activity of the institute of psychology of the Soviet Academy of sciences in documents and memories of contemporaries (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
YA. A. Ponomarev’s contribution to the development of methodological and theoretical issues of psychological science (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
Social and psychological image of Peter I (In the scientific electronic library) (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
The emergence of the systemic approach at the institute of psychology of the Soviet Academy of sciences in 1972–1973 (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
Institutional factors in the development of the domestic history of psychology (on the material of the RSCI) (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
Institutional Factors in the Development of the Domestic History of Psychology: an Analysis of Evidence from the RSCI Database (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
Psychological concept of relations of V. N. Myasishchev: the doctrine of neuroses and psychotherapy (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
Directions and problems for the development of domestic psychology in the post-war years (according to the materials of the conference at the Leningrad University in 1947) (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
Analysis of modern concepts in psychology part I. Experience in systematization of conceptsal (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
On the contribution of K. K. Platonov to the development of problems of social psychology (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
The inception of the systemic approach at the Institute of Psychology of the U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences in 1972-1973 (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
V.N. Myasishchev’s Psychological Concept of Relations: Neurosis Theory and Psychotherapy (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
Analysis of modern concepts in psychology. Part II. Development of modern concepts by scientists of the Institute of psychology RAS (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
World view as a psychological phenomenon in the ordinary perception of the Russians (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
“Pavlovian” session: a new reading (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
E. S. Kuzmin as a historian and methodologist of social psychology (to the 100-th anniversary of his birth) (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
Jaan Valsiner’s Cultural Psychology. Part I. In the Discourse of Global Science (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
Psychology of Professional Activity: Psychophysiological and Psycho-Pedagogical Directions of Research (On the 90-Th Anniversary of the Birth of V. A. Bodrov) (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
About B. F. Lomov’s Views on the Problems in Social Psychology (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
The Psychological Heritage of V. F. Rubakhin (To the 100-th Anniversary of His Birth) (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
Jaan valsiner's cultural psychology. Part II. School of dynamic semiosis (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
Automated text analysis in psychology: state and prospects of world research (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
System and network organization of modern concepts of psychology (on the example of scientific research by scientists from the Institute of psychology of the Russian academy of sciences) (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
Development of History of Psychology Problems in V. A. Koltsova Works (On the 75th Anniversary) Yu. N. (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
The main directions of the research work of the laboratory of the history of psychology and historical psychology 2017-2021 (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
E.V. Shorokhova as an Economic Psychologist (To the 100th Anniversary) (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
The Phenomenon of Responsibility in the Structure of Russians' Concepts about Professional Activities (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
Meeting on Psychology in 1952 (On the 70th Anniversary of the Event) (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
Quantitative Analysis of the Publications of the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the Scientific Direction of the Methodology of Psychology in 2002–20216 (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
Years. People. Books: Scientific-publishing Activity of the Institute of Psychology of the RAS (1972–2021): Scientific-organizational and Bibliometric Sspects (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
Citation of the “Psychological Journal” in the Information Space of the World's Leading Scientific Editions (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
Years. People. Books: Scientific-publishing Activity of the Institute of Psychology of the RAS: Scientific-organizational and Bibliometric Aspects (1972–2021) (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
Bibliometric Analysis of the Three-Volume Labor “Development of the Concepts of Modern Psychology” (2018–2021) (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
Development of Organizational Social Psychology at St. Petersburg (Leningrad) State University (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -
The Image of Peter I in the Russian Mind (Psikhologicheskii zhurnal) -