Issue 1

  • Volume: 481
  • Issue number: 1

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
On the Parameters of the Singular Part of the Horn–Sergeichuk Regularizing Decomposition Khakim Ikramov Pages 7-9
Cluster Coefficient in the Spatial Preferred Connection Model Lenar Iskhakov / Pawel Pralat / Bogumil Kaminski / Liudmila Prokhorenkova / Maksim Mironov Pages 10-13
The Method of Program Iterations in Differential Game with Functional Target Set Aleksandr Chentsov Pages 14-19
Ultrasonic Waves Modeling in Fractured Rails with Explicit Approach Alena Favorskaya / Igor Petrov / Soslan Kabisov Pages 20-23
Dynamics of Rolling with Microslip of an Elastic Cylinder on an Elastic Half Space Irina Goryacheva / Aleksandra Zobova Pages 24-26
Mechanism of Formation of Inter-Block Boundaries, Effect of Changing the Disorientation Vector Sign Along Torn Inter-Block Boundaries in Nanothin Spacial Dissipative Structures Vyacheslav Malkov / Irina Nikolaenko / Gennadii Shveikin / Vladimir Pushin / Andrey Malkov / Boris Shulgin / Oleg Malkov Pages 27-29
The Hydromechanical Problem of Pulse Punching of the Plate Koshkinbai Anakhaev Pages 30-34
Stability of Stationary Rotation of Rotor Systems with a Liquid in the Case of Anisotropic Fastening of the Rotor Axis Nikolai Derendyaev / Dmitrii Derendyaev Pages 35-38
Synthesis of New Potential Hydrophobic Agents of the Three-Module Type of the Molecule Structure Viktor Dyachenko / Lev Nikitin / Sergei Igumnov Pages 39-44
Increasing the Crystallization Rate during the Growth of Quartz Single Crystals Georgii Panasiuk / A. Izotov / M. Danchevskaia / V. Belan / Evgeniy Semenov / Irina Kozerozhets Pages 45-46
Organomineral Composite Materials Based on Sodium Liquid Glass, 2,4-Tolylene Diisocyanate, Epoxy Oligomer and Polyisocyanate Mikhail Bruyako / Andrey Askadskii / Egor Afanasyev / Margarita Petunova / Tatiana Matseevich / Ekaterina Safonova / Andrey Pustovgar Pages 47-52
The Main Stages of the Evolution of Ferromanganese Stromatolites and Oncolites of Pacific Ocean Viktor Avdonin / Elena Zhegallo / Nikolai Eremin / Natalia Sergeeva Pages 53-55
Continuous Sections of the Devonian and Carboniferous Carbonates and Timing of Collision in the Chinese South Tianshan Yuriy Biske / Hongsheng Liu / Olga Getman / Bo Wang / Alexandra Djenchuraeva / Dmitriy Alexeiev Pages 56-60
The Causes of Cretaceous Remagnetization on the South-West Periphery of the New Siberian Islands Anna Сhernova / Dmitrii Metelkin / Valerii Vernikovsky / Nikolai Matushkin Pages 61-66
Zirconology of Granitoids from the Basement Yamal (Age and Composition of Inclusions) Yuriy Erokhin / Vera Khiller / Viktor Koroteev / Kirill Ivanov Pages 67-70
Mineral Grains of Base and Noble Metals in Surficial Bottom Sediments from the Chukchi Sea Aleksandr Kolesnik / Natalia Bondarchuk / Aleksandr Karabtsov / Olga Kolesnik Pages 76-80
Estimation of Buffer Properties of Natural Waters with Account of Acid-Basic Characteristics of Gumus Substances Tatiana Moiseenko / Marina Dinu Pages 71-75
Native Alloys of Systems Pd-Pt and Ni-Cu-Al from Regolith of AS «Luna-24» Andrey Mokhov / T. Gornostaeva / P. Kartashov / A. Rybchuk / O. Bogatikov Pages 81-84
The Role of Geomagnetic Anomalies in O+ Concentration Stucturing Considering the Sun Seasonal Position According to the Data from the Meteor-M Complex Mikhail Ivanov / Vladimir Lapshin / Andrey Repin Pages 85-88
Climate Model-Based Changes of the Navigation Period Duration at the North Sea Route in the 21st Century: Bayesian Estimates O. Kibanova / V. Khon / I. Mokhov / A. Eliseev Pages 89-94
Deformation Manifestations of the «Ambient Sea Noise» Grigorii Dolgikh / Vladimir Chupin / Egor Gusev Pages 95-98
Cytogenetic Effects of Gamma-Radiation in Onion (Allium cepa L.) Seedlings Aleksandr Bolsunovskii / Dmitrii Dementev / Elena Trofimova / Ekaterina Iniatkina / Yulia Kladko / Mikhail Petrichenkov Pages 99-103
Сloning and Functional Analysis of SaCLCc1, a Gene Belonging to Chloride Channel Family (CLC) from the Halophyte Suaeda altissima (L.) Pall Olga Nedelyaeva / Igor Karpichev / Yurii Balnokin / Larissa Popova / Andrey Yurchenko / Olga Mayorova / Alexey Shuvalov Pages 104-107
Study of Uridine Effect on the Development of Audiogenic Tonic Seizures in Krushinskly-Molodkina Strain Rats Irina Fedotova / Inga Poletaeva / Galina Mironova / Nataliia Belosludtseva / Olga Perepelkina / Georgii Nikolaev Pages 108-110
The Participating of the Green Algae Ulvaria Obscura in the Bioremediation of the Sea Water from Oil Products Grigorii Voskoboinikov / Elena Lopushanskaia / Zoia Zhakovskaia / Larisa Metelkova / Gennadii Matishov Pages 111-113

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