Problemy Dalnego Vostoka

ISSN: 0131-2812

Chief Editor: Portyakov Vladimir Yakovlevich 

Co-Founder: Institute of Far Eastern Studies, RAS 

Address: Nahimovskij Avenue, 32, 117997, Moscow, Russia 

Tel.:  8 (499) 124–09–02



The Journal Impact Factor: 0,325 РИНЦ


The journal «Problemy Dalnego Vostoka» was founded in 1972. 

The Editorial Committee: О.Н. Borokh (Candidate of Economic Sciences), A.V. Vinogradov (Doctor of Sciences (Politology)), A.D. Resurrection (Doctor of Sciences (Politology)), S.A. Gorbunova (Doctor of Sciences (History)), A.S. Davydov, (Candidate of Historical Sciences, deputy chief editor), VG Datsyshen (Doctor of Sciences (History)), A.Z. Zhebin (Candidate of Political Sciences), V.P. Zimonin (Doctor of Sciences (History)), A.N. Karneev (Candidate of Historical Sciences,) V.O. Kistanov (Doctor of Sciences (History)), I.V. Leksyutina (Doctor of Sciences (Politology)), A.V. Lomanov (Doctor of Sciences (History)), S.G. Luzyanin (Doctor of Sciences (History), Professor of the RAS), V.M. Mazyrin (Doctor of Sciences (Economy)), OI Maltsev (executive secretary), N.L. Mamaev (Doctor of Sciences (History)), P.A. Minakir, (Academician of the RAS), L.V. Novoselova (Doctor of Sciences (Economy)), A.V. Ostrovsky (Doctor of Sciences (Economy)), L.S. Fractures (Doctor of Sciences (History)), V.E. Petrovsky (Doctor of Sciences (Politology)), N.A. Samoilov (Doctor of Sciences (History)), S.S. Suslina (Doctor of Sciences (Economy)).

Foreign members of the RAS: A. Achariya (India), M. Bastid-Bryuger (France), U. Enyuan (China), Hu Angan (China), Chzhu Syanpin (China).

Editorial staff: K.V. Asmolov (manager of Korea department), E.V. Belilina (manager of foreign policy department), A.N. Karneev (manager of history and domestic policy department); A.N. Korobova (manager of cultural department), A.S. Krushinskij (manager of economy department), L.S. Lavrova (forwarder), E.A. Lapshina (Managing Editor), G.P. Manchkha (editor), D.B. Slavinskij (computer operator), A.B. Starostina (manager of ideology and philosophy department), A.V. Shlyndov (manager of Japan department)


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