Issue 5(2)

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  • Issue number: 5(2)

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Russian-Chinese Relations: External Interpretations and Assessments Sergey Pestsov Pages 6-13
About Chinese Business in Russia and Prospects of Its Participation in the "Belt and Road" Initiative Alina Afonaseva Pages 14-23
Formation of the Beijing – Tianjin –Hebei Economic Region Maria Alexandrova / Han Xue Pages 24-30
Stimulation of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in China in New Conditions of the Global Economy Valentina Chuvankova Pages 31-42
Development of Chinese Advanced Manufacturing Industry Natalya Koledenkova Pages 43-52
The Role of Chinese Transport Corridors in the Implementation of the "Belt and Road" Plan Sergey Sazonov / Kseniy Petrunko Pages 53-63
Sanctions and Their Implications for North Korea's Trade and Economy George Bulychev / Irina A. Korgun Pages 64-75
Business Cultures of the East: Traditions and Modernity Asya Teleshevskaya Pages 76-81
To the 400th Anniversary of Relationship between Russia and China. I. Petlin's Mission to China (1618–1619) Aida Ipatova Pages 82-93
From the Cohort of the Firsts: Yu Xiusung Irina Sotnikova Pages 94-106
The Consulates of the Republic of China in the Soviet Far East and Siberia during the Period of the Great Terror Evgeniy Kalkaev Pages 107-121
The Film Company "Manying" and Its Role in the Politics of Japan on the Territory of Manzhouguo Nikolay Samoylov / Chen Bing Pages 122-132
The Current State of Traditional Chinese Medicine: the History of Formation Valery Samoylenko Pages 133-142
New Literature on China's Experimental Free Trade Zones V. Portyakov Pages 143-145
List of Literature on China Published in Russia from 2017 to May 2019 Olga Popova Pages 146-174
Mamaeva N., Sotnikova I., Verchenko A. Soviet Participation in the Reconstruction and Construction of "156 Production Facilities" in China in the 1950s Alexander Yurkevich Pages 175-182

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