Issue 6

  • Issue number: 6

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Round Table in the FEA
The 40th Anniversary of the Economic Reforms in the People's Republic of China [Round Table in the FEA] Vladimir Portyakov Pages 4-41
SCO: the Truth and the Fiction Leonid Vasilyev / Anatoly Klimenko Pages 42-48
Russia — Japan: the Asymmetry of Interests Victor Kuzminkov Pages 49-56
Modern Approaches of Vietnam to Dispute Resolution in the South China Sea Ekaterina Narkhova Pages 57-64
Trade Relations with the PRC and Economic Development of Russian Regions Leonid Vardomsky Pages 65-76
The Development and the Role of Innovative Business of Returned Specialists (Haigui) in Beijing Alina Afonaseva Pages 77-84
Development of China’s Foreign Trade in the Context of Globalization and “Trade Wars” of the USA Rosalia Varfalovskaya Pages 85-91
Xiamen Special Economic Zone: Successes, Lessons, Forecasts Liyan Wei / Yaping Liu Pages 92-98
Russian Far East
Problems of Fishery Zoning in the Pacific and Arctic Oceans Pavel Balykin Pages 99-109
Theory and Methodology
Dong Shijin on the Problems of Agricultural Economics in Republican China Olga N. Borokh Pages 110-122
View Point
Russia-China Transborder Area: Ethno-Social Aspects Maxim Mikhalev Pages 123-134
Transformation of Russia-China Sociocultural Spaces in the Conditions of Borderland: Modern Realities, Trends, Prospects Valentina Morozova / Kristina Dubrovskaya Pages 135-142
American Humanism in the Context of Chinese Conservatism of the 1920s Alexandr V. Lomanov Pages 143-153
The Conceptions of the Chinese New Historical Fiction Andrey Sidorenko Pages 154-162
Russian Temple on the Yangtze River (continued) Viktoriya Sharonova Pages 163-172

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