Issue 1

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  • Issue number: 1

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Let the Idea of a Human Community with a Common Destiny Illuminate the Whole World! Hui Li Pages 4-12
On Modern Foreign Policy of the PRC Vladimir Portyakov Pages 13-21
Japan and China: a New Era in Relationships or an Odd Rapprochement? Valeriy Kistanov Pages 21-32
On the Enhancing of Russian-Japanese Dialogue on Territorial Issue Oleg Kazakov Pages 33-45
The National Interests of South Korea in the Arctic Maxim I. Gutenev Pages 46-53
The PRC: Improving Infrastructure for “Green” Vehicles Sergey Sazonov / Chen Syao Pages 54-62
Features of Formation and Development of the Financial System in Brunei Vladimir Andrianov Pages 63-72
Non-Governmental Organizations in China since the Start of the Reform and Opening-Up Alexei Semenov Pages 73-82
State Policy of the PRC in the Field of Preservation of Historical and Architectural Heritage of the Chinese Eastern Railway Natalia Ablazhey / Lee Dan Pages 83-90
Political Leadership Features: Xi Jinping and Angela Merkel Albina Galimzyanova Pages 91-97
To the 50th Anniversary of the Most Important Battle in Vietnamese-American War Grigorii M. Lokshin Pages 98-106
Vice-Consul in Guangzhou A.I. Hassis — a Diplomat and a Personality Vladimir Datsyshen / Dai Jianbing Pages 107-115
“I Have Decided... to Prepare for a New Liberation Movement…” The General I.M. Zaitsev and the Preparation of White Emigres of an Armed Invasion of Soviet Territory in 1923 Andrey Ganin Pages 116-125
The Struggle for the Frontier: the Opposition of Special Services and the Indigenous Population in the Soviet Far East in the 1920s Denis Kuleshov Pages 126-135
The Image of the Singer (Hetera) in the Chinese Literature (from Short Stories of the Tang Dynasty to the Prose of the Qing Times) Natalia Zakharova Pages 136-143
“China, Chinese Civilization and the World: History, Modernity, Prospects” (XXIII International Scientific and Practical Conference) Elena Lapshina Pages 144-155
The II Gottlieb Readings “Fundamental and Actual Problems of Oriental Studies and Regional Studies of Asia-Pacific Countries» Svetlana B. Makeeva / Evgeny Kremnyov Pages 156-158
The Publications of Chinese Experts on Current Issues of the New International Order and the Foreign Policy of the PRC Katenariy Merkulov Pages 159-169
Dissertations in the Institute of Far Eastern Studies (RAS) in 2018 Elena Kranina / Elena Lapshina Pages 170-172
The Live Chronicle of Chinese Reforms M. Potapov Pages 173-176
Luzyanin S.G. Russia and China Forming a Renewed World A. Korneev Pages 177-179
McMahon D. China’s Great Wall of Debt. Shadow Banks, Ghost Cities, Massive Loans, and the End of Chinese Miracle Alexander Petrov Pages 180-182

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