Issue 1

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  • Issue number: 1

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The Taiwan Question and PRC Politics of Memory towards Japan Artem Kazantsev Pages 9-20
Chinese Policy in Latin America: Lessons and Risks for Spain Maria Pupysheva / Maria Navdaeva Pages 21-35
The Mongolian National Factor in the PRC and Sino-Mongolian Relations Roman Tarantul Pages 36-52
The Expediency of Creating a Supranational Currency within the Framework of the SCO and BRICS International Organizations Under the Influence of Trade and Sanctions Restrictions Nikita Stepanov Pages 53-62
From “world factory” to technological superpower: is China ready for global leadership in innovation? Vasily A. Lemutov Pages 63-79
Development of Eco-industrial Parks in China Sergei Titov Pages 80-95
Modern Challenges of Economic Cooperation between the Republic of Korea and the United States Alexandra Zueva Pages 96-105
Epoch-Making Triad of Chinese Revolutions Luidmila Kondrashova Pages 106-120
Origins and Development of Japanese Automotive Industry in 1920-1945, the Case of Toyota Motor Company Anna Mostovaia Pages 121-134
The role of the Russian Imperial Consulate in Nyuzhuang (Yingkou) in expanding trade and economic ties between Russia and China from 1906 to 1909. Viktoriya Sharonova Pages 135-150
15 Years of Implementation of the Chinese Ancient Books Preservation Plan (2007-2022) Veronika Vinogrodskaya Pages 151-164
The 33rd IFES-APRC Conference of the Institute of China and Contemporary Asia of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Center for Asia-Pacific Studies of Hanyang University Alexandra Zueva / Anna Polenova / Kim En / Victoria Samsonova Pages 165-170
About the 10th Anniversary International Conference of Young Orientalists in ICCA RAS Tlesh Mamahatov / Aleksandr Mokretsky / Anna Polenova Pages 171-176
The History of Mankind Inside and Out (Book Reviews: Khoros V.G. Civilizations in the Modern World. Books 1 and 2. M.: Lenand, 2022. Indian, African, Islamic and Chinese Civilizations. Latin American Civilizational Community. 1st Book. 304 p.; European civilization. Russian Civilization. 2nd Book. 240 p.) Andrey Vinogradov Pages 177-180
Book Reviews: Sato Masaru. Putin`s ambitions. Tokio: Ushio Publishing, 2022. 272 p. Victor Kuzminkov Pages 181-184
Diaspora Engagement Policy of the PRC: Socio-economic Direction / A.V. Afonasieva. Moscow: IDV RAN, 2022. 336 p. Vladimir Portyakov Pages 185-187
Anniversary of Lyudmila Ivanovna Kondrashova Editor of the Far Eastern Studies journal Pages 188-189
Anniversary of Alexander Zakharovich Zhebin Editor of the Far Eastern Studies journal Pages 190-191
Anniversary of Vladimir Fedorovich Borodich Editor of the Far Eastern Studies journal Pages 192-192
Liubov Vladimirovna Novoselova 02.17.1951-01.20.2023 Editor of the Far Eastern Studies journal Pages 193-194

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