Issue 1

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  • Issue number: 1

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
To readers of the Far Eastern Affairs journal Editor of the Far Eastern Sudies journal Pages 6-6
Taiwan's place in the confrontation between the United States and Japan with China Irina Gordeeva Pages 7-20
Mongolian-Chinese Border: Transforming Border Infrastructure and the Impact of the SREB Viktoria Namzhilova / Valentin Batomunkuev Pages 21-32
Russia’s Cooperation with Northeast Asian Countries in the Commercial Development of the Arctic Yana V. Leksyutina Pages 33-48
Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games: the Economic Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic Mikhail Komarov Pages 49-59
Trade of the Republic of Korea and Central Asian countries in the XXI century Liudmila Kupina Pages 60-75
Economic Studies in the DPRK (Based on the Analysis of Kyóngje Yóngu Journal) Lyudmila Zakharova / Danil Shkatov Pages 76-88
Features of China's Military Policy at the Present Stage Ruslan Polonchuk Pages 89-105
Historical Past of Sino-Soviet Relations and the Future of Sino-Russian Relations Fenglin Li Pages 106-115
Miao Boying — the First Chinese Female Communist (To the 100th Anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party) Daria Arincheva / Alexander Pantsov Pages 116-129
“All-Under-Heaven” or “Asia”? On Utopian Premises of Modern Politics in the Far-Eastern Region Vladimir Malyavin Pages 130-146
The Christian Community in Taiwan and in Great China on the Modern Stage Dmitry Smirnov / Elena Stepanova Pages 147-156
"Modern Chinese Ink Painting” by Qu Leilei Vera Belozerova Pages 157-169
On the VIII Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea Conference at the Center for Korean Studies of IFES RAS Victoria Samsonova / Anna Polenova / Maria Kalmykova Pages 170-175
VIII International Scientific Conference of Young Orientalists at the RAS IFES "East Asia: Past, Present, Future" Lyudmila Zakharova / Yury Kulintsev / Aleksandr Mokretsky Pages 176-183
Anniversary of Lyubov Vladimirovna Novoselova Editor of the Far Eastern Sudies journal Pages 184-185
Anniversary of Raisa Grigorievna Baryshnikova Editor of the Far Eastern Sudies journal Pages 186-186
Yuri Mikhailovich Galenovich 20.04.1932–31.12.2020 Editor of the Far Eastern Sudies journal Pages 187-188

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