Issue 3

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  • Issue number: 3

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Russian Priorities and Approaches to the Korean Peninsula Alexander Lukin / Oksana Pugacheva Pages 9-27
Institutional Transformation of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization after Enlargement: Status, Problems and Prospects Zhenpeng Liang / Andrei Kozinets Pages 28-42
Economy of the Republic of Korea in the Face of New Challenges Alexandra Zueva / Victoria Samsonova / Lada Semina Pages 43-55
On the Notion of “Peaceful Rise” and its Value Orientations: Some Views from China Zhihao Song Pages 56-71
Field Research of the Economic and Cultural Chinese Emigrants Activities in the Far East and Siberia (1949-2019) Yanhong Ning / Wei Wang Pages 72-81
Implementation of Indo-Pacific military policy in North-East Asia and China's response Yanbin Wu Pages 82-99
The First Soviet Delegation to the People’s Republic of China (September — November, 1949) Alla Verchenko Pages 100-111
Chinese Migrants between Two People's Commissariats: the History of the Re-registration of the Chinese Population of the Eastern Regions of the USSR in 1936-1937. Evgeniy Kalkaev Pages 112-128
Chinese interpreters and Soviet specialists in Shaanxi Province during the Great Leap Forward Vadim Smirnov Pages 129-139
Korean Rulers’ Inalienable Insignias: The Seals of the Yi Dynasty (1392-1910) Natalia Chesnokova Pages 140-151
Chinese and English in the Globalization Epoch Olga Zavyalova Pages 152-159
Remembering Sixty Years of Teaching Russian Language Shizeng Huang Pages 160-166
An Overview of Chinese Historiography of the History of the Russian Orthodox Church Zhengnan Zhao Pages 167-182
Annual All-Russian Scientific Conference Center for Socio-Economic Research of China IFES RAS. “New Horizons of the PRC Economy: Tasks for the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025)” Andrew Ostrovskiy Pages 183-190
The History of North-East China XVII-XX. Volume 4. North-East China in 1979-1999 — Vladivostok IHAE FEB RAS 2021-452 p. Andrew Ostrovskiy Pages 191-194
Book Review: Russia in the Indo-Pacific. New Approaches to Russian Foreign Policy. Edited By Gaye Christoffersen. Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group. London and New York, 2022. 285 p. Vladimir Portyakov Pages 195-198

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