Issue 5

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  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Central Asia as an Area of Collision of Strategic Interests of the USA, China and Russia Yury Morozov Pages 6-19
International and Regional Security Agenda for RIC Vladimir Petrovsky Pages 20-29
Features of Chinese-African Relations during the Pandemic Elena Safronova Pages 30-44
Chinese studies in India Vladimir Portyakov Pages 45-55
The Role of Chinese Financial Institutions in the Development of the Road Infrastructure of the «Belt and Road» Project Sergey Sazonov / Jingwei Wang Pages 56-66
Prospects for the development of China's oil industry and the role of Russia as a key supplier Oleg Timofeev / Sergei Titov / Fanis Sharipov Pages 67-74
China-Pakistan: Free Trade Agreement (2006–2019) Natalia A. Zamaraeva Pages 75-88
Asia-Pacific or ITR? Territorial Framework and Semantic Content Gleb Toropchin Pages 89-103
An analysis of the causes of the events in Chinese Eastern Railway between Soviet Union and China in 1929 Weiyun Mа / Tianjiao Ma Pages 104-117
A Look at the History of the Training Brigade of the Northeast United Anti-Japanese Army through the Prism of the Soviet-Japanese War Jiangdong Hao Pages 118-134
Laomaozi, Hodya, Fazan, Tir’da: Images of Mutual Perception of the Chinese and Russians Anna Zabiyako / Andrey Zabiyako / Ruyang Zhang Pages 135-151
The Reflection of Russia and Russian Characters in Modern Chinese Cinema Alexander Isaev Pages 152-159
The Boxer Rebellion images in Chinese Fiction Anastasia Korobova Pages 160-174
Labor Party of Korea — the 75th Anniversary Anna Polenova / Maria Kalmykova Pages 175-179
Painful transition from "old" to "new" China Evgeniy Rumyantsev Pages 180-184
We are building our happiness. Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands in the picture story of G.P. Sokolova Elena Ikonnikova Pages 185-187
To the 70th anniversary of Vladimir Vyacheslavovich Malyavin Editor of the Far Eastern Studies journal Pages 188-191
Anniversary of Victoria Gennadievna Sharonova Editor of the Far Eastern Studies journal Pages 192-193
Andrey Arturovich Kovalevsky 03/24/1952–10/28/2020 Editor of the Far Eastern Studies journal Pages 194-194

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