Issue 2

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  • Issue number: 2

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
About the New Concept of National Security of Japan Dmitry Streltsov Pages 9-25
Aggravation of China-US Competition on the Problem of the World Order: Chinese Scientists Views Evolution Fanis Sharipov / Oleg Timofeev Pages 26-40
The PRC Economy: Prospects of its Development in the Period of the 14-th Five Year Plan (2021-2025) Andrew Ostrovskiy Pages 41-54
On the Growth Factors and Model of Economic Development of China Maxim A. Potapov Pages 55-71
On the Question of the Size and Location of the Chinese Diaspora in the World (1949 — present) Alina Afonaseva Pages 72-92
The state and prospects of the development of the Mekong problem Aleksandr Butko Pages 93-104
Participation of the Chinese Military-Industrial Complex in the Implementation of the State Plan "Made in China — 2025" Vladimir Zamorin Pages 105-121
Diplomatic Agency of the Russian Empire in Mukden in 1901-1904 and Activities of the Diplomat S.A. Kolokolov Elena Starovoytova Pages 122-133
Languages of “Modern” (Harbin Hotel “Modern” in the History of Russian-Chinese Cultural Relations) Amir Khisamutdinov / Xue Bai Pages 134-146
The Role of the 88th Independent Infantry Brigade in the Anti-Japanese War Yanhong Ning / Yan Gao Pages 147-161
The End of Japan's isolation. Expeditions of M.K. Perry and E.V. Putyatin in the Context of the Struggle for Colonies in the North Pacific in the Middle of the 19th Century Alexander Petrov / Anastasiya Saprykina Pages 162-175
On the Language Preferences of Chinese Leaders Olga Zavyalova Pages 176-183
Annual All-Russian Conference “Modern Chinese State” Rodion Kudakaev Pages 184-190
On the 26th Conference of Russia and CIS Koreanologists “Korean Peninsula: Current Issues” Kim En / Lada Semina / Anna Polenova Pages 191-196
The Outskirts of Russia on the Border with towering Asia. Book Review: "A Decade of Disappointed Expectations: Pacific Asia and Pacific Russia between Two Global Crises". Chief Editor V.L. Larin. Vladivostok: sole trader Shul'ga V.B., 2022. 456 р. Andrey Vinogradov Pages 197-199

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