Issue 6

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  • Issue number: 6

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Round Table “XX Congress of the CPC” Editor of the Far Eastern Studies journal Pages 9-27
Taiwan and Japan's Security: Anatomy of Japanese Approaches to the Taiwan Issue Valeriy Kistanov Pages 28-43
Russia’s Relations with North and South Korea in the New Reality Ilya Dyachkov Pages 44-55
China and Afghanistan: the State of Relations after the Withdrawal of U.S. Troops Elena Safronova Pages 56-69
Grain Crop Production as Guaranty of Food Safety of China Maria Alexandrova Pages 70-87
Energy Situation in Japan, Sanctions, and Sakhalin Projects: Cross-Cutting Issues Andrey V. Belov Pages 88-99
Problems and Prospects of High-Tech Cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Korea at the Present Stage Vasily Grudev Pages 100-112
Japan’s Semiconductor Industry: Topical Trends and Strategic Importance Georgii D. Paksyutov Pages 113-124
Sino-Iranian Economic Cooperation under Sanctions Veronika A. Smirnova / Alexandra Shevko Pages 125-139
"14th Five-Year Plan to Promote the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises" in China (2021-2025): Innovation Component Valentina Chuvankova Pages 140-152
"Jumping Out of the Historical Cycle" and Building a New Ideology at the Twentieth Congress of CCP. Sergey Goncharov Pages 153-174
Late Qing Reforms of the Early 20th Century through the Eyes of Russian Diplomatic Representatives (based on the Documents from the Russian State Historical Archive) Nikolay Samoylov Pages 175-188
Book Review: Modern Chinese State /ch. ed. A.V. Vinogradov. M.: RAS, 2022. ISB№ 978-5-907366-55-8. Vol. 1: The main institutions of state power and governance /editorial board A.V. Vinogradov (chief editor) and others; Institute of Far Eastern Studies RAS, Institute of Oriental Studies RAS. M.: RAS, 2022. 903 p. ISB№ 978-5-907366-57-2 (in translation). DOI: 10.48647/IFES/2022.22.76.029 Olga Bazina Pages 189-191
Book Review: Kong-zi jia yu (“Speeches of the Confucius School”) Translated by A.Y. Blazhkina. ICCA RAS, 2022. 318 p. Nataliya Kvartalova Pages 192-194
Book Review: Clifford, Paul G. The China Paradox: At the Front Line of Economic Transformation, Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter, 2021. 2nd edition. ISB№ 9783110724172 Katenariy Merkulov Pages 195-197
Anniversary of Pavel Aleksandrovich Minakir Editor of the Far Eastern Studies journal Pages 198-199

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