Issue 6

  • Issue number: 6

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Model of the North Caucasian Federal District food markets spatial organization A. Dikinov / А. Eshugaova / M. Abdurakhmanova / M. Sadueva Pages 4-9
Energyinformational flow management in agrolandscape structure A. Kim / V. Lazarev Pages 10-13
Influence of tillage on stocks of nutrients in segregated chernozem A. Grebennikov / V. Isaev / S. Yudin / S. Saprykin / Yu. Cheverdin Pages 13-18
Effect of foliar treatment of vegetative plants on soil microbial flora N. Fomicheva / Yu. Smirnova / G. Rabinovich Pages 19-23
Sequestering of organic matter in soddy podzolic sandy loam soil L. Boitsova / S. Neprimerova Pages 24-27
Features of salts migration in deltaic ecosystems M. Dzhalalova / P. Abdurashidova / R. Zagidova Pages 28-29
Crop production and selection
Results of introduction of species of the family rosaceaejuss. gene pool All-Russian Research Institute of Fruit Crops Breeding O. Emelyanova / M. Tsoy / G. Pavlenkova / A. Firsov / L. Maslova Pages 30-33
Parent material for winter wheat selection I. Torbina / A. Khakimova Pages 34-37
Selection work to improve productive and brewing qualities of spring barley O. Levakova / L. Eroshenko / A. Eroshenko Pages 38-40
Almaz is variety of safflower E. Kartamysheva / V. Kondaurova / T. Luchkina / A. Reutina / V. Gavrilova Pages 41-44
Quality parameters of the fruits of new cherries varieties T. Prichko / E. Alekhina Pages 45-48
Commodity and consumer qualities of fruits of diploid and triploid apple varieties E. Sedov / Z. Serova / T. Yanchuk Pages 49-53
Features of growth and fruiting apple varieties in garden of intensive type N. Krasova / A. Galasheva / Z. Ozherelova Pages 54-57
Use of interspecific crosses in gooseberry breeding O. Kurashev Pages 58-60
Biological features of promising clone parent stocks of stone fruit cultures S. Khamurzaev / A. Shaipov / R. Borzaev Pages 61-65
Method justification of β-galactosidase activity of enzyme reparation E. Serba / M. Overchenko / N. Ignatova / M. Medrish / L. Rimareva Pages 65-68
Use of biotechnological techniques in black currant reproduction T. Khromova / L. Tashmatova / O. Matsneva / V. Shakhov Pages 69-73
Effect of UV-V radiation on the activity of ascorbate-glutathione cycle components of the barley plants L. Goncharova / N. Korneev Pages 73-76
Estimation of macro- and microelements composition of pea plants, white lupin, soybean S. Lukin Pages 76-79
Selection of predecessors for crops of periodically irrigated rice on light chestnut soils I. Kruzhilin / M. Ganiev / K. Rodin / A. Bolotin / A. Nevezhina Pages 80-83
Application of water with increased concentration of salts for irrigation V. Shevchenko / V. Maksimenko / V. Gubin / L. Kudryavtseva Pages 84-86
Results of autumn top cutting of Festulolium grass stand with ryegrass morphotype V. Zolotarev / N. Perepravo Pages 87-91

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