Commodity and consumer qualities of fruits of diploid and triploid apple varieties

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Affiliation: Russian Research Institute оf Fruit Crop Breeding
Address: Russian Federation
Affiliation: Russian Research Institute of Fruit Crop Breeding
Address: Russian Federation
Affiliation: Russian Research Institute of Fruit Crop Breeding
Address: Russian Federation
Journal nameVestnik of The Russian agricultural science

Russian Research Institute for Fruit Crop Breeding (VNIISPK) is the main supplier of new valuable apple cultivars to update the assortment. For the last 30 years more than 50 apple cultivars meeting the requirements of modern gardening have been developed at VNIISPK and included in the State Register of Breeding Achievements. The time of single breeders is a thing of the past, and in connection with the ever-increasing requirements for varieties, researchers of different specialties should work at their creation. A wellcoordinated interdisciplinary team of researchers and technicians work in VNIISPK at the development of new apple varieties. In addition to breeders, researchers in physiology, biochemistry, processing of fruits, cytoembryology, genetics and agronomic practice are involved in the work. Along with other areas of selection, apple breeding with polyploidy using was started at the Institute in 1970. To date, 19 triploid apple varieties have been created for the first time in the world at our Institute from intervalent crosses of diploid x tetraploid type. 11 of them are included in the State Register of Breeding Achievements Admitted for Use (zoned). It has experimentally been confirmed that triploid apple cultivars differ from diploids in higher weight of fruit and their marketability and are not inferior to diploids in the attractiveness of the appearance and taste of the fruit. Apple breeding for immunity to the most harmful scab was started at our institute in 1977, to date, 25 scab immune apple cultivars have been developed and zoned, 9 of them are triploids. The first domestic scab immune Imrus was zoned in Central Russia in 1996. We have shown that diploid and triploid varieties immune to scab are not inferior to non-immune varieties by fruit weight. The first in Russia and world 9 triploid resistant to scab apple varieties are Vavilovskoe, Zhilinskoe, Mars, Prazdnichnoe, Spasskoe, Trener Petrov including have been zoned Aleksandr Boyko, Yablochnyy Spas, Maslovskoe in our opinion should significantly enrich the range of varieties of Russia midland apple. The paper gives a comparative assessment of commodity and consumer qualities of new diploid and triploid fruit varieties of apple selection of All-Russian Research Institute of Fruit Crops Breeding.

Keywordsapple varieties, diploid, triploid, resistant to scab, commodity and consumer qualities
Publication date06.12.2018
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