Energyinformational flow management in agrolandscape structure

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Affiliation: All-Russian Institute of Arable Farming and Soil Erosion Control
Address: Russian Federation
Affiliation: Kursk Research Institute of Agro-Industrial Production
Address: Russian Federation
Journal nameVestnik of The Russian agricultural science

The key factor of agrolandscape is agroecosystem where circulate matter, energy and information continuous flows forming yield. In the ecosystem structure are distinguished three integral to each other processes: soil-formation, productional and atmospheric united by a common law of functional relationships, the biogeospheric process, as an organizing principle. For the biological productivity formation management system development it's necessary to design model as a transformation mechanism of different flows that can be described mathematically and studied. Only on the base of biological productivity model have been developing special software application for obtaining aimed yield and level of quality of agricultural products (programming). Moreover, all parameters in the formula should be summarized in a single energetic measurement system. For the former was established the dependence of the meadow steppe phytomass productivity under conditions of reservation conditions and annual cutting regimes, for the second the effect of the same indicators on the productivity of winter wheat was shown.

Keywordsagrolandscape, agroecosystem, biogeosphere, biogeospheric process, function, energy, information, flow, structure, system, management, element, connection, integrity
Publication date06.12.2018
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