Issue 6

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  • Issue number: 6

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The historian's opinion
Afghan events 1979–1989: from cognition to comprehension and recognition Vasily Khristoforov Pages 3-21
The events of April 1978 in Afghanistan and the subsequent deployment of Soviet troops: some assessments of events and key personalities Mikhail Konarovskiy Pages 22-27
On the conditions for the decision to send troops to Afghanistan Rudolf Pikhoya Pages 27-34
On the history of the introduction of Soviet troops in Afghanistan. Comments Dmitriy Ryurikov Pages 34-38
Soviet and foreign Islamology of the 1980s and the Soviet-Afghan War Julia Guseva Pages 39-46
Russia and the world
Expedition of N.I. Ashinov, Dispute over Autocracy, and the Fight of Governmental Factions under Alexander III Alexandr Polunov Pages 47-60
I.V. Stalin on foreign policy and diplomacy: based on the materials of his personal archive (1939–1941) Vladimir Nevezhin Pages 61-76
Military-political cooperation of the former Soviet republics during the collapse of the USSR and the formation of the CIS (based on materials of the Supreme Council of the Russian Federation) Fatima Malkhozova Pages 77-84
Russian abroad
Left beyond the Sea: The Russian inhabitants after Alaska was ceded to the USA in 1867 Alexander Petrov / Alexey Ermolaev Pages 85-97
«White Russians» in Cyprus Elnur Ağayev Pages 98-104
Peoples and spaces
Society for the Restoration of Orthodox Christianity in the Caucasus: between missionary work and civilization (1860–1885) Mikhail Volkhonskiy Pages 105-126
The oil industry of the North Caucasus in government policy of the late 19th – early 20th century Valeriy Stepanov Pages 127-147
Institutes and communities
The War and the Academy. Architectural Department of Higher Art School at the Imperial Academy of Arts, 1914–1918 Ilia Pechenkin Pages 148-160
Source studies
The initial state development of the Russian North and Northern Trans-Urals in the monument of the late (inauthentic) chronicle tradition Anatoliy Turilov / Aleksey Chernetsov Pages 161-179
The production of manuscripts and the problems of social and economic development of Russia in the 16th century Andrey Usachev Pages 180-201
Rec. ad op.: A.S. Usachev. Knigopisaniye v Rossii XVI veka: po materialam datirovannykh vykhodnykh zapisey. Vol. 1–2. Moscow; Saint Petersburg, 2018 Konstantin Erusalimskiy Pages 202-210
Rec. ad op.: K.A. Kochegarov. Ukraina i Rossiia vo vtoroy polovine XVII veka: politika, diplomatiia, kul’tura. Ocherki. Moscow, 2019 Ludmila Marney / Boris Nosov Pages 210-214
Rec. ad op.: R. Sinigaglia. Rossiyskaya imperiya i Genuezskaya respublika: istoriya diplomaticheskikh otnosheniy. Moscow, 2018 Viktor Zakharov Pages 214-220
Rec. ad op.: F.L. Sevast’yanov. Gosudarstvennaya bezopasnost’ yest’ predmet uvazhitel’nyy: Politicheskiy rozysk i kontrol’ v Rossii ot Pavla I do Nikolaya I. Saint Petersburg, 2016 Olesya Plekh Pages 220-224
Rec. ad op.: T.N. Zhukovskaya, K.S. Kazakova. Anima universitatis: studenchestvo Peterburgskogo universiteta v pervoy polovine XIX v. Moscow, 2018 Anatoliy Ivanov Pages 225-228
Across Russia: A New Word About the Civil War Aleksandr Puchenkov Pages 229-235
Rec. ad op.: E.I. Pivovar. Mir rossiyskogo zarubezhya v kontse XX – nachale XXI veka. Moscow, 2019 Alexander Levchenkov / Irina Khanova Pages 236-139
Pro memoria
A.N. Sakharov (1930–2019) Margarita Vandalkovskaya Pages 140-244

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