Issue 1

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Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The Gorokhovo culture in the system of the Trans-Ural antiquities of the Early Iron Age Natalia P. Matveeva Pages 4-19
A scaraboid from burial 1 of burial-mound 1/2015 of the Chebotarev V cemetery in the Lower Don area (about the Near Eastern seals in the nomadic burials of the Middle Sarmatian period) Мikhail Treister Pages 20-31
Archaeological culture of the Late Roman period in the piedmont Crimea I. Khrapunov Pages 32-49
About cylinder ceramic objects from central Ciscaucasia of the first half of the 1st mill. AD Ya. Berezin Pages 50-59
Planigraphic and chronological analysis of the shapes of clay vessels from the Podbolotyevsky burial ground Pavel Kholoshin Pages 60-72
“New history” of the “idol” from the mound Chernaya Mogila (10th c.) Veronika V. Murasheva / Olga V. Orfinskaya / Anastasia Yu. Loboda Pages 73-86
Hearth altars from the excavations of the ancient settlement of Jankent in Southern Kazakhstan Emma D. Zilivinskaya Pages 87-100
Stratigraphy of the Bronze Age settlement of Mochishche in the Southern Trans-Urals Stanislav A. Grigoriev Pages 101-114
Burials of the early Sarmatian period from the mound at the village Orekhovka in Stavropol Territory Marina Andreeva / Maria A. Ochir-Goryaeva Pages 115-132
The “Estate Of Tishfarn” in the settlement of Penjikent Larisa O. Smirnova Pages 133-145
Hollow zoomorphic pendants from medieval Novgorod L. Pokrovskaya / Elena A. Tyanina Pages 146-160
New finds of encolpio crosses of the 11th – the first quarter of the 13th century in Veliky Novgorod Oleg Oleynikov Pages 161-176
History of Science
Alexey Stepanovich Bashkirov in Yaroslavl Evgeny Danilov Pages 177-186
Review of Books
S.I. Kochkurkina. Archaeology of Medieval Karelia. Petrozavodsk: Karelian Research Center RAS, 2017. N.V. Khvoshchinskaya Pages 187-190

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