Issue 10

  • 792 rub.
  • Volume: 64
  • Issue number: 10

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
USA: Politics and Society
America Gripped by Crises Vladimir Pechatnov Pages 5-16
Trump 2020: Protest President in Polarized Country Victoriya Zhuravleva Pages 17-28
EU Defenсe Initiatives and Washington’s Position Sergey V. Kislitsyn Pages 29-39
The U.S. – Israel “Special Relations”: Structural Foundations and Trump Factor Alexey Davydov / Liudmila Samarskaia Pages 40-51
Electoral Districts in the U.S.: Gerrymandering as an Aspect of Partisan Competition Anastasia A. Bunina Pages 52-63
“Arab Factor” in American Elections: Between D. Trump and J. Biden Inna V. Shumilina Pages 64-73
World Energy after the Pandemic
World and Regional Natural Gas Markets after COVID‑19 Alexander O. Maslennikov Pages 74-83
Economy, Economic Theory
Quantitative Evaluation of Consumption Imbalances in Advanced and Developing Countries Ekaterina Ya. Arapova Pages 84-92
Europe: New Realities
Interaction of Corporate Structures in the EU: Impact of Digitalization Anastasia Nevskaya Pages 93-102
Is There Any Chance to Revive French Industry? Natalia Yu. Lapina Pages 103-111
Latin America: in Search of Own Way
Social Policy in Latin American Countries in the Early 21st Century: Opportunities and Limits Ludmila Diakova Pages 112-120
Politics and Society
Electoral Turnout in Municipal Elections in Post-Communist Countries Rostislav F. Turovsky / Elizaveta M. Korneeva / Oksana S. Vaselenko Pages 121-132
Around Books
The Pluralism of the Foundations of Political Science as a Reflection of the Pluralism of the Modern World Elena A. Maslova Pages 133-138

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