Issue 7

  • 720 rub.
  • Volume: 63
  • Issue number: 7

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Europe: New Realities
After The Elections: The Limits to Growth of Political Influence of Eurosceptics Marina V. Strezhneva / Dar'ya E. Moiseeva Pages 5-15
Economy, Economic Theory
Launching a Sustainable Financial System in the European Union Lyudmila S. Khudyakova Pages 16-22
Evolution of “Internet of Things” Concept and State Policy Irina G. Dezhina / Tamam N. Nafikova Pages 23-31
China’s Industrial Statistics Yegor L. Domnich Pages 32-39
Old Industrial Areas Revitalization: Foreign Experience Andrey A. Mal'tsev / Arina E. Mordvinova Pages 40-48
Effectiveness of Card Payment Systems: International Experience and Russian Practice Georgii V. Khetagurov Pages 49-56
Africa today and tomorrow
Economic Collaboration of Russian Federation with North African Countries Sergey Volkov / Aleksandr A. Tkachenko Pages 57-66
East Africa: Regional Political Integration Khristina M. Tur’inskaya Pages 67-75
Arctic: New Region of World Policy
China Accepts Rules in the Arctic Andrei V. Zagorskii Pages 76-83
China’s New Arctic Policy Zengjun Kuang / Kaifei Ou Pages 84-91
Security Problems in Contemporary World
Think Tanks: Challenges and Opportunities in the Era of “Fake News” and Digital Technologies Pavel G. Koshkin Pages 92-101
Modern Society and Mass Media
The Crisis of Political Correctness in Western Media Space Tatiana L. Rovinskaya Pages 102-110
Academic Event
Middle East: Window of Opportunities or a Trap for the Atlantists? Alexander I. Shumilin Pages 111-120
Around Books
Proections of Extremism as a Phenomenon and Ways to Counter it in the Modern World Natalia V. Eremina / Nikolay M. Mezhevich Pages 121-124
Russian Foreign Economic Policy and its Future Argishti B. Ginoyan Pages 125-128

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