Issue 3

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  • Issue number: 3
  • Issue theme: Ethnography of Social Time

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Special Theme of the Issue: Ethnography of Social Time (guest editors A . I . Karaseva, M. P. Momzikova, and M. I. Yushmanova)
Introduction Asya Karaseva / Maria Momzikova / Maria Yushmanova Pages 5-7
Continuous Work Week: Outcomes of the Deformation of the Social Time Rhythm Maria Yushmanova Pages 8-26
Transportation and Politics of Times of the Day: On the Disappearing Evening in a Big City Andrey Vozyanov Pages 27-41
Time Zones and Synchronous Telecommunications: The Hidden Work on Temporal Coordination among Citizens of the Far East of Russia Asya Karaseva / Maria Momzikova Pages 42-61
Local Time of the Global IT: The Time Perception of Russian Software Developers at Home and Abroad Alina Kontareva / Aleksandra Masalskaya / Liliia Zemnukhova Pages 62-79
The Myth of the World Tree in the Shamanism of Siberian Peoples. Comments: Funk, D. A. In Search of the World Tree: Some Thoughts on What, Where, and How We Search [V poiskakh Mirovogo dreva: razmyshleniia o tom, chto, gde i kak my ishchem]; Batyanova, E. P. Trees, Shamans, and Other Worlds [Derev’ia, shamany i inye miry]; Dybo, A. V. The World Tree: Data from Siberian Languages [Mirovoe drevo: dannye sibirskikh yazykov]; Bulgakova, T. D. The “World Tree” in the Shamanic Image of the World among the Nanai [“Mirovoe drevo” v shamanskoi kartine mira nanaitsev]; Burykin, A. A. The “Shamanic Theater” and Its Attributes [“Shamanskii teatr” i ego atributy]; Balalaeva, O. E., and N. V. Pluzhnikov. Response to Commenters: Thinking about the Use of Discussions (One of the Keys) [Otvet opponentam: razmyshleniia o pol’ze diskussii (odin iz kliuchei)] Olga E. Balalaeva / Nikolai V. Pluzhnikov / Dmitriy А. Funk / Elena Batyanova / Anna V. Dybo / Tatiana D. Bulgakova / Alexey A. Burykin Pages 80-122
Folklore Studies in Ethnography
Udmurt’s Clan Tunes: On the Issue of Identification and Reconstruction Irina Nurieva Pages 123-134
Ossetian Nartiada: On the History of Recording and Publication the Heroic Epic Inga Tsorieva Pages 135-149
Ritual Elements of the Shorikyol Celebration in Mari’s Folk Games Maria A. Klyucheva Pages 150-165
Research Articles
Parallel Science? The Jewish Historical-Ethnographic Commission and Jewish Studies during the Late Soviet Period Ulrike Huhn Pages 166-182
The Demographic Transition of the Buryat Residing in the Republic of Buryatia in the 1959–2010s Odon B. Dashinamzhilov / Victoria V. Lygdenova Pages 183-197
Review of Chuvashi [The Chuvash], ed. by V.P. Ivanov, A.D. Korostelev, and E.A. Iagafova Leonid A. Taimasov Pages 198-200

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