Issue 2

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Table of contents

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Archaeological microbiology: theoretical foundations, methods and results Natalya N. Kashirskaya / Elena V. Chernysheva / Tatiana E. Khomutova / Kamilla S. Dushchanova / Anastasia V. Potapova / Alexander V. Borisov Pages 7-18
On the type of economy of the settlements with Bronze Age “textile” pottery in the Volga-Oka interfluve: new data from old collections of ware Evgenii Azarov / Victor M. Pojidaev / Igor Borisevich / Natalia Babichenko / Ekaterina B. Yatsishina Pages 19-35
Mirrors of “Olbian type” as an indicator of the Greek world influence in the North Caucasus Tatyana M. Kuznetsova Pages 36-53
Strongly profiled fibulae of the middle 3rd–4th century Vladimir Yu. Malashev / Zalina Kadzaeva Pages 54-72
Barbarian brooches of the 1st–2nd centuries (group V after O. Almgren) and the formation of a regional model of the female dress in the South-East Baltic Olga A. Khomyakova Pages 73-90
To the dating of crossbow brooches with a long narrow foot in the Sambian-Natangian culture Yaroslav V. Prasolov / Konstantin N. Skvortsov Pages 91-107
An arrowhead from the Chernaya Mogila mound: new results of research Sergey Yu. Kainov / Ekaterina S. Kovalenko / Konstantin M. Podurets / Viktor Glazkov / Mikhail M. Murashev / Nataliya N. Presnyakova / Elena Tereschenko / Ekaterina B. Yatsishina Pages 108-122
On weight characteristics of Bulgar copper coins of the 13th century Alexey I. Bugarchev Pages 123-130
Excavations of the rampart in the Lukh fortress and the problem of modern on-site reconstructions Vladimir Yu. Koval / Elena Kostyleva Pages 131-146
The issues of studying Magyars genesis (based on the Ural-Siberian materials of the Early Middle Ages) Natalia P. Matveeva / Gábor Gyóni / Aleksandr S. Zelenkov Pages 147-166
Historical context in the light of science research (based on materials from the 2007 excavations in the Moscow Kremlin by the Institute of Archaeology RAS) Asya V. Engovatova / Alexander E. Cherkinsky / Vladimir Yu. Koval / Alexey Sergeev / Elena Lebedeva / Mariya B. Mednikova Pages 167-185
The Neolithic layer of the Nakhchivan Tepe settlement E.V. Bakhshaliyev / Veli B. Bakhshaliyev Pages 186-196
The inscribed white tombstone of 1522 in Chaplygino village of the former Kolomna district Aleksey B. Mazurov Pages 197-204
Critics and bibliography
Atlas de la grotte Chauvet-Pont d’Arc. Monographie de la grotte Chauvet-Pont d’Arc. V. 1. Sous la direction de Jean-Jacques delannoy et Jean-Michel Geneste. Paris, 2020 Vyacheslav I. Molodin Pages 205-207
To the 60th anniversary of Vladimir Valentinovich Sedov Nikolay A. Makarov / Leonid A. Belyaev / Marina V. Vdovichenko / Petr G. Gaydukov / Vladimir Yu. Koval / N. Lopatin Pages 208-209
In memory of Aleksandr Vasilievich Trusov Elena V. Leonova / Alexey N. Sorokin / Vladimir Yu. Koval / Asya V. Engovatova / Ekaterina N. Svyatitskaya / Maksim N. Fursov Pages 209-210

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