Issue 2

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  • Issue number: 2

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Palaeolithic culture of the Caucasus in the upper Eopleistocene: Oldowan, early Acheul, transition stage? Hizri Amirkhanov Pages 7-21
Knapping technology at the Epipalaeolithic site in Mezmay cave, the Northwest Caucasus Andrey G. Nedomolkin Pages 22-30
Radiocarbon chronology of the Sintashta culture sites in the steppe Cis-Urals Vitaliy V. Tkachev Pages 31-44
Petrovka and Alakul pottery of the Mochishche settlement in the Southern Trans-Urals Stanislav A. Grigoriev / Natalia P. Salugina Pages 45-59
Plyshchan microregion of settlements of the Late Roman period in the Upper Don region Grigory L. Zemtsov / Dmitry V. Sarychev / Vladimir O. Goncharov / Ekaterina V. Fabritsius Pages 60-71
The glass workshop in Alma Kermen Olga S. Rumyantseva Pages 72-84
The unified system for describing wooden funerary structures of the late Middle Ages and the Modern period Elena E. Vasilyeva Pages 85-90
The Roman Period cemetery Frontovoye 3 in the Southwestern Crimea (preliminary publication) Igor O. Gavritukhin Pages 91-110
Archaeological museum: clash of interests and new formats Ivan A. Grinko / Anton B. Lagutin / Aleksandr A. Goncharov Pages 111-119
History of science
N.Ya. Marr and S.F. Oldenburg: half a century of friendship and cooperation (to the 100th anniversary of the Russian Academy of the history of material culture) Vitaliy G. Ananiev / Mikhail Bukharin Pages 120-129
A letter that changed the fate... (unpublished materials to the biography of V.S. Adrianov) Evgenia Pankratova Pages 130-141
The Tasmola culture sites in the territory of Novosibirsk Region (on the materials of 2014–2017) Aleksandra L. Avtushkova / Denis O. Plakhuta Pages 142-150
The Bokino medieval Mordvin cemetery Sergey I. Andreev Pages 151-166
A sword guard from the excavation site in Bolshaya Moskovskaya street in Veliky Novgorod Sergey Yu. Kainov / Oleg Oleynikov Pages 167-176
Metallic wearing-apparel components from the Bagaevka settlement Leonard F. Nedashkovsky / Marat B. Shigapov Pages 177-189
The X international scientific conference “Issues of the Sarmatian archaeology and history” (Sevastopol, 2019) I. N. Khrapunov / A. A. Stoyanova Pages 190-191
To the 80th anniversary of Mark Grigoryevich Kramarovsky Leonard F. Nedashkovsky / Nadezhda I. Nedashkovskaya Pages 191-193

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