The Role of Chinese Financial Institutions in the Development of the Road Infrastructure of the «Belt and Road» Project

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In recent years, the issues of integration processes in the field of road transport development’s financing diversification, aimed at the unification of the road networks of the PRC and the countries, participating in the «belt and road» megaproject and creating the new contours of the Eurasian region, have become particularly relevant. The active participation of leading Chinese financial institutions, the creation of the Asian infrastructure investment Bank and various funds aimed at building road networks in neighboring countries allow China to develop the economy of the Western provinces, generate a multiplier effect in neighboring Chinese industries, and stimulate the growth of China's foreign trade. This, in turn, activates the economic development of the project's participating countries, contributes to strengthening of transport integration at the regional and sub-regional levels, and provides them with independent access to new world markets.

KeywordsChina, Western provinces, belt and road, Asian infrastructure investment Bank, bonds, investments, road transport, transit
Publication date07.11.2020
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