Issue 9

  • 870 rub.
  • Volume: 66
  • Issue number: 9

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Security Problems in Contemporary World
Peace Process: On Substantive Definition Ekaterina A. Stepanova Pages 5-18
Global Imbalances: Evolution Of Approaches Anatoly V. Kholopov Pages 19-28
Europe: New Realities
The Evolution Of The Phenomenon Of Terrorism In Italy Nadezhda K. Arbatova Pages 29-38
The Influence Of Brexit On The UK Political Elites Circulation Igor′ G. Kovalev / Pages 39-47
Economy, Economic Theory
Perspectives Of Human Development Index Improvement Vladimir Fal'tsman Pages 48-54
Can Turkey Become a Gas Hub? Evrim Eken Pages 55-63
Russia: Economy, Politics
Islamic Vector In Russian Foreign Policy Aleksei V. Malashenko Pages 64-71
Muslim Organizations In The South Of Russia: Competition And External Influence Oleg S. Cherevkov Pages 72-81
China: Domestic and Foreign Policies
Protection System For Investment Interests Of Chinese Enterprises Abroad Qiuyu Gaoyan Pages 82-89
USA: Politics and Society
American Model Of Capitalism: Advantages And Challenges Of 21 St Century Victor Supyan Pages 90-97
Latin America: in Search of Own Way
Evolution Of Latin American Democracy And Deconsolidation Of Electoral Space Rostislav F. Turovsky / Marina S. Sukhova / Arina V. SINITSINA Pages 98-110
Theory of Politics
An Approach To The Analysis Of Bilateral Relations Alexey Davydov Pages 111-118
Social Problems
Religious Institution As Part Of Social And Economic Sphere Olga A. Balabeykina / Anton L. Dmitriev / Ekaterina I. Solodyankina Pages 119-129
At Post-Soviet Space
The Impact Of Covid-19 On Citizens Of The Moldova Working Abroad Svetlana V. Rusu Pages 130-138

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