Issue 2

  • 870 rub.
  • Volume: 66
  • Issue number: 2

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
USA: Politics and Society
Biden’s Administration and “Green Transition” Problems Yurii G. Golub / Sergey Shenin Pages 5-14
Economy, Economic Theory
Foreign Experience of Competition Policy in Digital Economy Nadezhda M. Rozanova Pages 15-22
RCEP in the System of Mega-Regional Trade Agreements Vladimir Salamatov / Anna V. Tangaeva / Vyacheslav O. Kolomin Pages 23-32
Transformation of the EU Monetary Policy in an Age of Financial Instability Artemii S. Bobrov Pages 33-41
Applying TRL Scale for Public Funding of R&D and Innovation in OECD Countries Olga Bogacheva / Oleg Smorodinov Pages 42-50
Greater Middle East
“Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham” in the Syrian Conflict: Metamorphosis of the Terrorist Group Andrei Yashlavskii Pages 51-60
Migration in Contemporary World
Migrattion Threat to EU Security: Prejudices and Realities Nadezhda K. Arbatova Pages 61-70
Modern Migration Processes in Ireland Aleksander Shedrin / Olga Trofimova Pages 71-79
Development Policy or Migration management? (The EU Approach Analysis) Elena Khakhalkina / Anastasia M. Pogorelskaya Pages 80-89
Countries and Regions
Turkey and Azerbaijan: One Nation – One State? Vladimir Avatkov Pages 90-100
Latin America: in Search of Own Way
Civil Society and Educational Development: the Latin American Experience Ludmila Diakova Pages 101-111
Academic Event
The Emerging World Order: Experience of Theoretical Understanding Andrey Ryabov Pages 112-122
From the History of IMEMO
IMEMO in the First Part of the 2000s (HR and Organizational Issues) Petr Cherkasov Pages 123-131
The Russian Economic Barometer: Experience of Studying Market Reforms in Russia Elena V. Belyanova / Andrei S. Egorov / Inessa A. Bashirova Pages 132-138

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