Issue 3

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  • Volume: 65
  • Issue number: 3

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The World at the Beginning of Millennium
Prospects and Challenges to International Economic and Power Production Cooperation after the Covid-19 Pandemic Alexander A. Dynkin / Elena A. Telegina / Gul’nar Khalova Pages 5-10
Imperatives of Sustainable Development in the Shadow and in the Light of the Pandemic Vladimir Davydov Pages 11-22
China: Domestic and Foreign Policies
“Unipolar Asia”: Chinese Regional Order Andrey Vinogradov Pages 23-32
Chinese Diplomacy: Context of Academic Discourse Evgeny Grachikov Pages 33-41
Belt and Road Initiative: Interim Results and Challenges During Pandemic Nikita Pyzhikov / Evgenii Gushchin Pages 42-51
Europe: New Realities
Social and Economic Problems of EC Countries in the Initial Pandemic Period Alexander Egorov / Alexander Petrovskii Pages 52-59
American Forces in Germany: Security Symbol, Loyalty Warrant or Excessive Luxury? Igor Istomin / Sokolov Artem Pages 60-72
Collapse and Re-Emergence of the Two-Party System in Greece Yurii Kvashnin Pages 73-80
Peculiarities of the Party System of Slovakia in the Context of Parliamentary Electrical Cycles of 2016–2020 Yurii A. Ostapets / Anatoliy Yu. Klyuchkovych Pages 81-91
Central Europe in the Pandemic Era: First Economic Results Anna S. Chetverikova Pages 92-101
Economy, Economic Theory
“Soft Power” and Russia’s Export Potential in Non-Raw Materials Sectors of Economy Alexander Pogorletskiy Pages 102-110
Greater Middle East
Second Wave of the Libyan Civil War: Factors and Actors Andrey Korotayev / Leonid M. Issaev / Alisa Shishkina Pages 111-119
Politics and Society
Right Wing Populist Civic Movements: Western Experience and the Situation in Russia Anastasia Mitrofanova / Oleg Mikhaylenok Pages 120-129
Social Responsibility of Religious Organizations Olga Balabeykina / Anna A. Yankovskaya Pages 130-138

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