Issue 5

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  • Volume: 64
  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
China: Domestic and Foreign Policies
Вeijing’s Pain Points Vasily V. Mikheev / Sergei A. Lukonin Pages 5-15
Ethnopolitical Processes and the Nations in the Changing World
New Dimensions of Identity Politics: Contested Memories in History Museums of the 20th Century Irina S. Semenenko Pages 16-32
Integrated Studies at IMEMO
International Role of Euro and European Integration Alexander P. Polivach Pages 33-41
Europe: New Realities
Following The 2019 European Election Results. National Populists: Socio-Economic Aspect Marina V. Klinova Pages 42-51
Two-Level Game of the Process of Compliance with the European Union Law Aleksei B. Sorbale Pages 52-61
PRC Discoursive Force Against the Normative Force of the EU: The Case of Italy Elena S. Alekseenkova Pages 62-72
Theory of Politics
Sources and Trends of Japanese International Relations Theories Sergey V. Chugrov Pages 73-83
Economy, Economic Theory
Contracted Gas Volume as Factor of Price Formation on Natural Gas Markets Sergey L. Komlev / Daniil A. Chapaikin Pages 84-92
Transformation of European Automobile TNCs’ Strategies on the Russian Market Yulia A. Baronina Pages 93-100
Arctic: New Region of World Policy
Norway’s Economic Policy in the Arctic Aleksey A. Kravchuk Pages 101-108
Contemporary Problems of Development
Features of the Indian Development Model: Experience and Prospects Dmitry B. Abramov Pages 109-117
India: from “M. Singh’s Reform” to Economic Policy of N. Modi Yana O. Sadovnikova Pages 118-123
Academic Event
Socio-Cultural Researches of International Migration and Demography O. Vorob'eva / Vsevolod Konstantinov Pages 124-129
Around Books
“Forth Estate” and Public Political Conscience in the Age of High Technologies Tatiana L. Rovinskaya Pages 130-134
Encyclopedia of Monetary Integration in the European Union Lyudmila S. Khudyakova Pages 135-138

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