Issue 10

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  • Volume: 63
  • Issue number: 10

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
China: Domestic and Foreign Policies
Realization of the “Chinese Dream” in Xi Jinping’s Era: What Should Russia Expect? Alexei D. Voskressenski Pages 5-16
Chinese Discussions about Relations with the U.S. and the Trade War Alexandr V. Lomanov Pages 17-29
The Impact of Ideology and Politics upon Modern Economics in China Olga N. Borokh Pages 30-41
Ideological and Political Sphere Development Trends: Xi Jinping’s “Second Season” Andrei N. Karneev Pages 42-50
USA: Politics and Society
Evolution of American Cyber Security Policies Pavel A. Sharikov Pages 51-58
Digital Technologies in U.S. Election Campaigns Alexandra R. Borisova Pages 59-66
Congressional Black Caucus: The Role in Making the U.S. Domestic and Foreign Policies Valery N. Konyshev / Aleksander Sergunin Pages 67-77
Europe: New Realities
Portugal: Results of Post-Revolutionary Transformations Petr P. Yakovlev / Nailya Yakovleva Pages 78-88
Migration in Contemporary World
Global Migration Governance: Theory, Institutions, Politics Vladimir S. Malakhov Pages 89-96
Promising Practices of Migrant Integration Irina P. Tsapenko Pages 97-108
Could the Cold War Have Ended Earlier? Presentation of the Problem (In Commemoration of 110th Anniversary of Andrei Gromyko) Alexey A. Gromyko Pages 109-115
Academic Event
Conflicts in Africa: The Problems of Settlement, Peacekeeping Sergey N. Volkov / Tatiana L. Deich Pages 116-121
Around Books
China on the Waves of Globalization Alexander I. Salitsky Pages 122-126
The Reunification and Revival of Euroasia Olga A. Vorkunova Pages 127-132
Political Parties in European Union at the Beginning of XXI Age: Strategies, Tendencies, Electoral Processes Oleg I. Karintsev Pages 133-138

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