Issue 3

  • 720 rub.
  • Volume: 63
  • Issue number: 3

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The World at the Beginning of Millennium
“Green” Economy: Role of Sovereign Funds Sergey Chebanov Pages 5-12
Europe: New Realities
Finnish Security Dilemma, NATO and the Factor of Eastern Europe Konstantin Khudoley / Dmitry Lanko Pages 13-20
The UK Right-Wing Populist Parties and the Success of Brexit Referendum Campaign Tatyana Andreeva Pages 21-29
Sweden’s Post-Election Impasse Igor Grishin Pages 30-39
Greens in the Political Landscape of Western Europe (Recent Trends) Tatiana L. Rovinskaya Pages 40-48
Economy, Economic Theory
Trade in Services: New Features in Economic Interaction of Russia and the European Union Anastasia Nevskaya Pages 49-58
Spending Reviews: Experience of OECD Countries and Prospects for Russia Olga Bogacheva / Oleg Smorodinov Pages 59-67
Russian-Mongolian Cooperation in Protection of Lake Baikal Ecosystem Aleksandr Makarov Pages 68-75
Important Component of Global Economic Security Sergei Tikhomirov Pages 76-82
China: Domestic and Foreign Policies
Chinese Partnership Strategy: Practice and its Conceptualisation (1993–2018) Evgeny Grachikov Pages 83-93
Latin America: in Search of Own Way
Latin America: is a Spurt in Development Possible? Petr P. Yakovlev Pages 94-103
Theory of Politics
Freedom and Lack of Freedom in Occidental and Oriental Societies Evgenii B. Rashkovskii Pages 104-112
Academic Event
World’s Leading Analytical Centers: Rating-2018 Kristina Voda / A. Nevskaya Pages 113-114
Around Books
Central-Eastern Europe: Is It Possible to Go Forward Turning Back? [Review of the books: I. Post-socialist World: results of transformation. Central-Eastern Europe. Vol. I. Ed. N.V. Kulikova (Institute of Economics RAS) St-Petersburg, “Aletheia”, 2017. 428 p. (In Russ.); II. The Eastern turning-point of external economic policy of Central-Eastern European countries under conditions of growing symptoms of crisis in the EU. Ed. I.I. Orlik. Moscow, IE RAS, 2017. 293 p. (In Russ.)] Yurii Borko Pages 115-121
Prospects of European Integration in Assessment of Bulgarian Political Scientist [Review of the book: Krastev Ivan. After Europe. Translated from English by A. Nikitina, Smirnov A. and Okhon’ko Ya, eds. Moscow, Publishing House “Delo”, 2018. 144 p. (In Russ.)] Boris Shmelev Pages 122-126

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