Issue 5

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  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Number of Siblings, Birth Order and Their Impacts on Individual Cooperativeness in Adulthood: An Experimental Study among Buryats of Eastern Siberia Victoria Rostovtseva / Marina L. Butovskaya / Anna Mezentseva / Nadezhda Dashieva Pages 162-184
“Fatal” Diagnosis and Rites of Passage: Self-Representation of Disabled People and Their Statuses in Contemporary Russia Elena Nosenko-Stein Pages 149-161
Book Reviews
Review of Poslednii genii XX veka: Yurii Knorozov: sud’ba uchenogo [The Last Genius of the 20th Century: Yuri Knorozov: The Fate of a Scholar], by G.G. Ershova Viacheslav Lebedev Pages 185-188
Review of Le statut de Métis au Canada. Histoire, identité et enjeux sociaux, by D. Gagnon Mikhail Bashkirov Pages 188-191
Review of Palomniki. Etnograficheskie ocherki pravoslavnogo nomadizma [Pilgrims: Ethnographic Sketches of the Orthodox Nomadism], by J.V. Kormina Yulia Antonyan Pages 196-198
Review of Ocherki istorii finno-ugorskikh etnograficheskikh issledovanii v Rossii (vtoraia polovina XIX – nachalo XX v.) [Essays in the History of Finno-Ugric Ethnographic Research in Russia (the Second Half of the 19th – Early 20th Centuries)], by A.E. Zagrebin Iuliia Sushkova Pages 192-195
Population of Afghanistan in the 19th Century: Some Demographic Trends Ubaid V. Okimbekov Pages 130-148
Research Articles
Between the Shapsug and the Abkhaz: Actualization of Identities of the Ubykh Clan Chéren Arusyak G. Agababyan / Maria E. Sysoeva Pages 110-129
Ivan Poliakov’s Collection as the First Experience of an Integrated Photo Research of Western Siberia Ekaterina Tolmacheva Pages 35-53
Five Days among Orochis B.A. Vasiliev Pages 23-34
Octavio Paz and Indian Avant-Garde: On an Episode of Reception of Claude Lévi-Strauss’ Work in the 1960s Elizaveta Kuzina / Kirill M. Korchagin Pages 54-75
Ethnographic Studies of Folk Beliefs
Karakalpaks’ Magical Beliefs Associated with Children’s Rituals Kuanyshbek Turekeyev Pages 76-94
Bargut Oboo in Eastern Mongolia Bair Gomboev Pages 95-109
History of the Discipline
The Ethnographer Boris Aleksandrovich Vasiliev and his Essay “Five Days among Orochis”: Writing Strategies in Soviet Ethnography Anna A. Sirina / Vladimir N. Davydov Pages 5-22

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