Issue 3

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  • Issue number: 3

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Special Theme of the Issue: Ethnic and Social Tensions: Online Studies (guest editor D.V. Gromov)
Web 2.0 Wars: The Virtual Reality of Conflict Dmitrii Gromov Pages 5-9
Migrant-Related Conflicts on Elena Danilko Pages 10-23
Roskomnadzor-chan and Other Beings: Performative Practices and Folklore Reaction to the Telegram Lockout Daria Radchenko Pages 24-37
Whoʼs Afraid of “Kerch Shooter”? Activation of Social Phobias through Rumors and Quasi-Expert Statements Dmitrii Gromov Pages 38-53
Diasporas and Migrant Communities
An Experience from Studying Kyrgyz Migration in Post-Soviet Russia: Strategies, Practices, Forms of Capital Gulnara F. Gabdrakhmanova / Elvina Sagdieva / Paul Fryer Pages 54-70
The Armenian Community of the Don in the Late 18th – Early 21st Centuries: From a Self-Governing Colony to a Multi-Component Ethnic and Cultural Minority Sergey Suschiy / Sergey Ya. Sushchiy Pages 71-88
The Continental and the Sakhalin Koreans: Differences and Similarities German N. Kim Pages 89-104
Politics and Social Circles of North Caucasians in France in the 1920s and 1930s Irina L. Babich Pages 105-120
Research Articles
The Professional and the Personal: An Experience of Fieldwork in Chukotka with the Entire Family Elena A. Davydova / Vladimir N. Davydov Pages 121-140
The Cult of Abu Muslim and His Companions in Central Asia: Variants of Mythologization Azim Malikov Pages 141-160
The Culture of Loss and Tragic Masculinity in Post-Soviet Georgia Maroussia Ferry Pages 161-176
Review Articles
You Can Never Have Enough of a Good Person?: Aggression and Its Correlation to Body Size Valentina N. Burkova Pages 177-190
Book Reviews
Review of Life Histories of Etnos Theory in Russia and Beyond, edited by D.G. Anderson, D.V. Arzyutov, and S.S. Alymov Sergey Abashin Pages 191-194
Review of What We Know About Extraterrestrial Intelligence: Foundations of Xenology, by M. Ashkenazi Igor V. Chininov Pages 195-198
Review of Subkul’tura: Istoriia soprotivleniia rossiiskoi molodiozhi 1815–2018 [Subculture: A History of Resistance of the Russian Youth, 1815–2018], by A.K. Troitskii Maria Vasekha Pages 198-202

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