Issue 5

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  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
To the 100th anniversary of A.G. KHARCHEV (essays, notes and memoirs)
Anatoly Georgievich Kharchev: Reconstructing His Biographical Course Victoria Semenova Pages 3-8
The Field of Our Cooperation Is SOCIS Zhan T. Toschenko Pages 9-10
A. G. Kharchev as Editor-in-Chief Frants Sheregi Pages 11-13
At the Origins of the Second Birth (or Rebirth) of the Sociology of the Family Anatoly I. Antonov Pages 14-18
Heritage Impossible to Refuse Tatiana A. Gurko Pages 19-20
He Didn't Try to Be Good and He Didn't Allow Himself to Be Bad Natalya G. Aristova Pages 21-23
Remembering A. G. Kharchev Alexander M. Demidov Pages 24-24
Intergeneration Analysis in A.G. Kharchev's Oeuvre Alexander B. Sinelnikov Pages 25-35
Family and Fertility Issues in Value Conflicts during the 2010s Mikhail A. Klupt Pages 36-46
“There will Be No Help…”: Newborn Abandonment and Baby Hatching Olga N. Bezrukova / Valentina A. Samoylova / Evgenia V. Shishkina / Maria N. Yashina Pages 47-57
Evolution and Transformation of the Institution of Marriage: Analysis of Empirical Indicators Tatiana A. Gurko Pages 58-69
Forms of Parental Participation in Education in Different Types of Schools Mikhail E. Goshin / Мarina А. Pinskaya / Dmitry Grigoryev Pages 70-83
Chinese Migrants in Russia: Between the Ussr Decline and Covid-19 Andrey Avdashkin Pages 84-93
The Influence of Retirement-Age Increase on Women’ Reproductive Intentions: Russian Survey Results Inna A. Kulkova Pages 94-101
Basic Interaction of People and their Civil-Social Culture as a Subject of Study Nikolay I. Lapin Pages 104-115
Nikolay Bukharin: Sociology and Theory of Socialism Illia F. Kononov Pages 117-128
Post-Marxism in Sociology. Part II Aleksandr Pavlov Pages 129-138
Gendered Characteristics of Xenophobia (Review of Foreign Studies) Igor V. Groshev Pages 139-147
The Image of the Great Patriotic War in the Views of Modern Russian Students Victor I. Filonenko / Alexey Magranov Pages 148-149
Urban Theory and Urban Praxis: Past, Present and Possible Future Tatiana Martynenko / Kristina L. Khomyakova Pages 150-152
XII Grushinsky Readings at Lomonosov University - The First Virtual Ones Maria E. Anikina / Victor M. Khroul Pages 153-154
The Man of the Future: Social Behavior, Identity, Attitudes of Young People in the New Reality Natalia V. Prokazina Pages 155-156
The Integral Study of the Society: The Diagnosis, Curing, Paradigm of the Future Sergey A. Kravchenko Pages 157-161
Arkhipova A.; Kirzyuk A. Dangerous Soviet Things: Urban Legends and Fears in the USSR. Moscow: New Literary Review, 2020. 536 p. Reviewed by G.S. Shirokalova Galina S. Shirokalova Pages 162-166
Socio-Stratification Processes in The Republic of Tyva / Z. T. Golenkova et al.; ed. by Z.T. Golenkova, Yu.V. Goliusova, P.E. Sushko; FNISTC RAS. M.; Kyzyl: FNISTC RAS, 2020. 128 p. Reviewed by Lamazhaa Ch.K. Chimiza Lamazhaa Pages 166-169

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