Issue 4

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  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Textology of bylinas in the Code of russian folklore: salient features Valeriia Ieremina / T. G. Ivanova Pages 5-15
Towards the conception of the academic history of russian literature (original ideas from V. M. Zhivov’s legacy) Dmitrii Bulanin Pages 16-28
When and for whom the draft of turgenev’s «constitution» was compiled (I. S. Turgenev, A. I. Herzen and Arthur Benni) Nataliia Generalova Pages 29-51
Pomor narrators and books: Concerning the archeographic finds at the Winter coast of the White sea Arina Bildiug / N. Komelina Pages 52-63
Observations on the development of russian poetry in the mid-18th century Nadezhda Alekseeva Pages 63-67
«After the six year separation»? (concerning the dating of Vladimir F. Odoevsky’s travel diary of 1847) Nadezhda Parshukova / Elena Romanova Pages 67-71
I. A. Goncharov, P. A. Valuev and the most loyal letters campaign of 1863 Sergei Gus’kov Pages 72-80
The motif of imposture and the sectarian context In the possessed by Ф. M. Dostoevsky Svetlana Snigir’ieva Pages 81-91
A writer’s notebooks and the interpretation of a literary work (case study of A. P. Chekhov) Sergei Kibal’nik Pages 91-94
I was imagining a russian venus…: On the sources and interpretation of an image by blok (based on the data from a. A. Blok’s private library) Natalia Gr’iakalova Pages 95-102
The national factor and the cultural code of the russian avant-garde Wang Zonghu Pages 102-107
M. A. Voloshin’s newly found letters: On the «poignant friendship» with M. S. and M. O. Tseytlin Galina Petrova Pages 107-113
The ruined existence (V. V. Rozanov and P. P. Pertsov in the last year of their correspondence) Ielena Goncharova Pages 113-134
S. P. Dovgello. The three poplars Viacheslav Bystrov Pages 134-141
Unpublished translations by D. S. Usov from n. S. Gumilev in the collection of P. N. Luknickij Vera Filicheva Pages 141-145
Anna Akhmatova: the summer of 1927 Nikolai Bogomolov Pages 145-152
A vertical strikethrough. Concerning the creative background of The emperor by V. V. Mayakovsky L’iubov’ Khachaturian Pages 152-158
Emergence of the soviet military propaganda In leningrad of the early 1930th: The new method of working with writers Anastasiia Sysoieva Pages 159-165
K. D. Balmont’s letters to I. S. Šajković (1935–1938). E. K. Tsvetkovskaya’s letters to v. P. and I. S. Šajković (1935) (final part) Konstantin Azadovskii Pages 166-190
A. M. Remizov’s literary mystifications of the 1940s Alla Grach’iova Pages 191-199
The correspondence between G. I. Gazdanov and G. A. Khomyakov (Andreiev), 1964–1967 Iuliia Matveieva Pages 199-215
Recent contributions to the Manuscript Department, Pushkin House (Alexander Morev foundation) Tatiana Tsar’kova Pages 215-218
He came from a variety of places, or Where and when Daniel Granin was born Sergei Poltorak / Anastasiia Zotova Pages 218-223
Russian Everyday Life E-Archive Svetlana Adon’ieva Pages 223-224
The neglected grad in imelos’ by b. L. Pasternak Oleg Lekmanov Pages 225-225
Frol Skobeiev: History and modernity Natalya Savelyeva Pages 226-229
I. S. Turgenev as the center of polemics Anna Grodetskaia Pages 229-233
Russian literature in the soviet period: the 100th anniversary of D. A. Granin second research seminar Nataliia Prozorova Pages 239-240
6th Nekrasov conference at Pushkin House Mariia Danilevskaia / Aleksandr Ber’iozkin Pages 240-246
The style is the heart of things. Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the death of Vasily Rozanov research conference Aleksei L’iubomudrov Pages 246-249
Maturity as a storyline international research conference Anastasiia Elkina Pages 249-252
All the lies of the world: Deception in literature and art 6th april interdisciplinary research conference Sergei Denisenko Pages 252-256

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