Issue 9

  • 910 rub.
  • Volume: 67
  • Issue number: 9

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The World at the Beginning of Millennium
Contradictions and Conflicts in the Multilateral Trading System Vladislav S. Zagashvili Pages 5-14
Global Climate Agenda: Big Gamble Tatiana L. Rovinskaya Pages 15-30
Europe: New Realities
German Social Democracy in Uncertain Reality Victor Vasil'ev Pages 31-47
Spain’s Energy Security in the Context of the Algerian-Moroccan Conflict Ekaterina G. Cherkasova Pages 48-57
Economy, Economic Theory
Management of R&D in OECD Countries: Experience in Results’ Monitoring Olga Bogacheva / Oleg Smorodinov Pages 58-67
Mongolia: Foreign Trade and Infrastructure Development Aleksandr Makarov / Elena Makarova / Andrey N. Beshentsev Pages 68-78
Greater Middle East
Evolution and Prospects of Türkiye–Azerbaijan–Pakistan Scalene Triangle Alina Vernigora / Gleb G. Makarevich Pages 79-89
SCO and the Belt and Road Initiative – the Prospect of Double Insurance to Afghanistan Shi Wei Pages 90-98
South Asia in Regional and World Politics
The Role of the Economic Development Interests of Bhutan and Nepal in Determining Their Foreign Policy Strategies Elsa Shirgazina Pages 99-108
Migrations in Contemporary World
Dynamics of Migration and Integration Processes in Southern Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy, San Marino, Malta) Galina Sidorova / Natalia A. Zherlitsyna Pages 109-118
Civilization Processes of Modern World Development
Civilizational Space of Orient Countries in thr 21st Century: Unique Features and Western Influence Liudmila A. Pechishcheva / Konstantin A. Korneev Pages 119-128
Social Problems
Social Policy and Public Administration Ecosystems Ilya Udovenko Pages 129-138

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