Issue 8

  • 792 rub.
  • Volume: 64
  • Issue number: 8

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The World at the Beginning of Millennium
Pandemic Shock and the World after Crisis Alexander A. Dynkin / Elena A. Telegina Pages 5-16
Security Problems in Contemporary World
“Jihadism” in Africa South of the Equator: Local or Global Conflict? Andrei Yashlavskii Pages 17-26
The Struggle against Islamic Terrorism in Southeast Asia Nataliya G. Rogozhina Pages 27-36
Economy, Economic Theory
Protectionism 2.0: New Reality in the Age of Globalisation Vladimir D. Milovidov / Nailya V. Asker-zade Pages 37-45
Strengthening Economic Positions of the Islamic Part of the Turkish Bourgeoisie under Erdogan Natalia N. Ul’chenko Pages 46-55
International Aid to the Least Developed Countries Vladimir Fal'tsman Pages 56-62
USA: Politics and Society
Balance of Power between the U.S. and Russia Vladimir Batyuk Pages 63-69
U.S.-Ukraine Relationship (2014-2019): Dilemmas of the Alliance Sergey M. Markedonov / Nikolai Yu. Silaev / Nikita Ya. Neklyudov Pages 70-80
Europe: New Realities
Bioenergy in EU: Problems and Prospects Andrei V. Zimakov Pages 81-90
Greece and North Macedonia: Breakthrough in Bilateral Relations Ksenia V. Vlasova Pages 91-100
Russian-Greek Economic Relations in the Second Decade of the 21st Century Anna Aleksandrova Pages 101-111
Politics and Society
Ethnic Parties and Ethnic Voting: Conceptualization Problems and Development Factors Petr V. Oskolkov Pages 112-118
Migration in Contemporary World
Modern Migration Policy of France Yana R. Streltsova Pages 119-126
Around Books
Jin and Chu Instead of Athens and Sparta Alexandr V. Lomanov Pages 127-132
Caudillism: a Historic Phenomenon with the Latinoamerican Flavor Alexander B. Reznikov Pages 133-138

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