Issue 11

  • 720 rub.
  • Volume: 63
  • Issue number: 11

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
The World at the Beginning of Millennium
Dreams and Realities of Arms Control Aleksei G. Arbatov Pages 5-16
Economy, Economic Theory
Influence of Exchange Rate on Foreign Trade Indicators: Methodological Issues Alexander P. Polivach Pages 17-25
Iran in the World Oil Market Stanislav V. Zhukov / Oksana B. Reznikova Pages 26-37
Government Support for Science, Technology and Innovation in India Inna V. Andronova / Ivan N. Bokachev Pages 38-45
Europe: New Realities
Germany and Spain: Similarities and Differences in Approach to Ukrainian Crisis Mariya V. Khorol'skaya / Ekaterina G. Cherkasova Pages 46-55
The Impact of the German Corporate Tradition on Formation of Foreign Economic Support System for Business Anna K. Ivanova Pages 56-65
Romania’s Foreign Policy after NATO and EU Accession Igor S. Putintsev Pages 66-75
USA: Politics and Society
Islamophobia in American Context Inna V. Shumilina Pages 76-83
Politics and Society
External Challenges as Domestic Modernization’s Driving Force: World Experience Andrei G. Volodin Pages 84-94
Ethnopolitical Processes and the Nation in the Changing World
Transformation of National State in the Changing World Order Vladimir I. Pantin / Vladimir V. Lapkin Pages 95-104
East Asia: Prospects of Development
Chinese Investments in the Russian Far East Ivan Yu. Zuenko / Sergei A. Ivanov / Anatoly Savchenko Pages 105-113
Economic Ties of the Russian Far East with the Korean States Larisa Zabrovskaya Pages 114-121
Around Books
Decade of Attempts of Assimiliation: Eastern Partnership in Policy of the EU Yuri K. Knyazev Pages 122-126
Newly Independent States in the Focus of the World Powers Sergey S. Zhil’tsov Pages 127-133
Features of the Modern Spain Development: the Sources of Success and New Challenges Ekaterina Shumitskaya Pages 134-138

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