Issue 5

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  • Issue number: 5

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Special Theme of the Issue: Anthropological Research in South-Eastern Europe (guest editor M.Yu. Martynova)
From Ethnology to Anthropology: Global World Trends in a Regional Context Marina Yu. Martynova Pages 5-14
Multidimensional Identity and National Tradition under the Conditions of Pan-European Mobility: Is Ethnology of a United Europe Possible? Petko Hristov Pages 15-24
The Work of Ethnologists in the Conditions of “Project Interdisciplinarity” Ines Prica Pages 25-33
Politics on the Football Field: An Overview of the Relationship between Ideology and Sport in Serbia Ivan Đorđević Pages 34-49
MMORPGs and Nationalism Ljiljana Gavrilović Pages 50-67
Prince Peter and the Beginnings of Anthropology in Greece Michael E. Harkin / Elly-Maria Papamichael Pages 68-81
Research Articles
Chud’ as a New Ethnic Group: A Traditionalistic Project in the Pinega Region Kseniia A. Gavrilova Pages 82-101
Ethnicity and Separatism on the Kenya Coast Ilia V. Ponomarev Pages 102-115
The Shaping of the Calendar of State Holidays and Memorable Dates in Post-Soviet Ukraine Artemii A. Plekhanov Pages 116-132
Contemporary Ethnodemographic Developments among the Tatars Aleksey S. Bushuev Pages 133-150
The Last Maloca: Transformation of the Communal Dwelling’s Sociocultural Role among the Matsés of Peru Andrey Matusovskiy Pages 151-168
Empathy, Anxiety, and Aggression among Moscow Students Valentina N. Burkova / Marina L. Butovskaya / Daria A. Dronova / Yulia I. Apalkova Pages 169-188
Review of Azerbaidzhantsy [Azerbaijanis], by A. Mamedli and L.T. Solov’eva Victor V. Karlov Pages 189-193
Review of Etnichka identifikatsiia na posleratnom podruchiu: srpska zaiednitsa yugoistochnog Kosova [Ethnicity in a Post-War Region: The Serbian Community of Southeast Kosovo] by S. Zlatanović Mariam M. Kerimova Pages 194-198

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