Issue 4

  • Issue number: 4

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
A Human in “Human Being”: B.G. Yudin in the Science and in the Journal Chelovek Pages 5-9
Science of Man: Theory, History, Method
The Architectonics of Identity Maksim Manuilskiy Pages 10-23
A ordeal by goodness: praxeological and metaphysical aspects O. Soina / V. Sabirov Pages 24-38
The concept of Human potential in the works by B.G. Yudin Igor Ashmarin Pages 39-48
Where from and Where to?
Chaos ancient and modern Alexander V. Voloshinov / Yuliya Tabojakova Pages 49-65
Extremal situation
The issue of the Human body integrity René Baumgartner Pages 66-68
Anatomy of Philosophy: Rejoinders in a dialogue
Editorial Chelovek Pages 69-70
Soviet philosophy and the philosophy of the Soviet period as a subject-matter of research Sergey Korsakov / Yulia Sineokaya / Yuriy Putschaev Pages 71-93
How many civilizations are there on the Earth? Universalism vs multi-civilizational approach Natalia Emelyanova / Denis Letnyakov / A. Lisickiy Pages 94-109
The Measure of All Sciences
The health as an interdisciplinary problem in the works by B.G. Yudin Galina Stepanova Pages 110-124
Tempera et Morris
Early modern person and his/her costume in the 16–18th century engravings Anna Zhabreva Pages 125-137
The Fate
S.L. Frank on Vladimir Soloviev’s prophetic calling Alexey Gaponenkov Pages 138-150
From the Treasuries of Culture
Dostoevsky: the money, the faith, the rebellion S. Klimova Pages 151-156
“You can buy the whole world”: the problem of redemption in The Brothers Karamazov Susan McReynolds Pages 157-172
Turning over the Fresh Pages
Sententia sensa in the genre of a philosophical quest T. Zlotnikova Pages 173-180
The eye corporeal and spiritual B. Meshcheryakov Pages 181-184

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