ISSN: 0236-2007

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Co-Founder: Institute of Human RAS
Address: Profsoyuznaya st., 90, aud. 335, 117997, Moscow, Russia
Tel.: 8 (495) 276-11-58 (+ 3351)
The Journal Impact Factor: 0,278 РИНЦ

The Journal “Chelovek” (“The Human”) was founded in 1989. The main topics of the publications are the theory and methodology of human studies, the history of human sciences, the human and intellectual potential of Russia, the expertise of social projects and socio-economic reforms, the ethical, legal and social aspects of information and communication technology and its implementation in genetics and medicine, industry, information, education, ethical bases of science, problems in the professional ethics. Moreover, the journal covers some eternal topics such as the meaning of human life, death and immortality, love and hate, friendship and loneliness, conscience, honor, duty, habits, hobbies, all in all, everything that makes up the world around us.

Editorial Board: Velihov E.P. (Academician of the RAS), Ivanov V.V. (Academician of the RAS), RAO Lihanov A.A. (Academician of the RAS), Yanin V.L. (Academician of the RAS).

The Editorial Committee: Avdeeva N.N. (Candidate of Psychological Sciences;) Artem'eva T.V. (Doctor of Sciences (Philosophy)); Borzenkov V.G. (Doctor of Sciences (Philosophy)); Vorob'ev S.L.; Gusejnov A.A. (Academician of the RAS), Diev V.S. (Doctor of Sciences (Philosophy)); Drobizheva L.M. (Doctor of Sciences (History)); Znakov V.V. (Doctor of Sciences (Psychology)); Manuil'skij M.A. Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, deputy editor-in-chief); Ostrovskaya G.V. (executive secretary); Petrov R.V. (Academician of the RAS); Reznichenko L.A. (departmental editor of social science and history of science); Rubcov V.V. (Academician of the RAS).; Stepin V.S. (Academician of the RAS); Tishkov V.A. (Academician of the RAS); Tropp E.A (Doctor of Sciences (Physics and Mathematics)); Chelyshev E.P (Academician of the RAS).



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