Issue 2

  • 920 rub.
  • Volume: 80
  • Issue number: 2

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Rock-Cut Tomb of Kaikherptah in Giza Necropolis: Problems of Zonation of the Internal Space Sergey Vetokhov Pages 307-321
Kizzuwatna and Kummanni: On the Name of the Country and of the City Vladimir Shelestin Pages 322-339
Notes on the Prologue of Euripides’ Alcestis Boris Nikolsky Pages 340-353
(Re-) Locating Greek & Roman Cities along the Northern Coast of Kolchis. Part I: Identifying Dioskourias in the Recess of the Black Sea Altay Coşkun Pages 354-376
A Pectoral from Kosika Мikhail Treister Pages 377-409
Corona graminea and the Emperor Augustus Andrey Tokarev Pages 410-433
“Aryan Worshiping Ohrmazd”: Towards the Political Biography of Shahanshah Narseh Vladimir Dmitriev Pages 434-461
A Hoard of the 2nd–3rd Cent. AD Bosporan Gold Staters from Volna 1 Settlement on the Taman Peninsula Mikhail G. Abramzon / Sergey I. Bezuglov / Olga L. Gunchina / Elmira R. Ustaeva Pages 462-481
Amphora Collection of the 6th Cent. BC – 1st Cent. AD at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts Elena Kuznetsova / Sergey Monakhov / Vladimir Tolstikov / Nataliya Churekova Pages 482-496
S.A. Zhebelev in the System of Soviet Science (Based on New Archival Findings). Part I. 1913–1927 Vitaliy G. Ananiev / Mikhail Bukharin Pages 497-512
H. Beck, P. Funke (eds.). Federalism in Greek Antiquity. Cambidge: University Press, 2015. Sergey Sizov Pages 513-522
The «Resurrection» of Kalè Akté. F. Collura. Studia Calactina I. Ricerche su una città greco-romana di Sicilia: Kalè Akté – Calacte. Oxford, 2016 Mikhail Vysokii Pages 523-529
M.S. Bjornlie (ed., transl.). Cassiodorus. The Variae: The Complete Translation. Oakland, 2019 Aleksandr Kovalev / Igor Filippov Pages 530-535
The 70th Anniversary of Aleksandr V. Podossinov Pages 536-537
International Conference “West European Manuscripts and Charters from Late Antiquity to the Early Modern Period in Saint Petersburg Collections: Research, Catalogization and Digitization” (Saint Petersburg, September 19–22, 2019) Ekaterina Antonets Pages 538-545
Conference “Soviet Antiquity V: Studies of antiquity in the context of Soviet history” (Moscow, November 29–30, 2019) Sergey Karpyuk Pages 546-548
Fergus Millar Georgy Kantor Pages 549-552
Isidore of Seville. Etymologies, or Origins. Book XX. Provisions and Various Implements. Introduction, Translation from Latin and Commentary by A.A. Pavlov (Syktyvkar) Andrey Pavlov Pages 553-578

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