Issue 7

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  • Issue number: 7

Table of contents

Title Author(s) Pages
Theory. Methodology
Sociology as a method of self-cognition of the society Yury Volkov / Anatoly Lubsky Pages 3-12
Social mobility concept in changing societies Mikhail Chernysh Pages 13-23
Progress as a value Sofia Kudrina Pages 24-29
Sociological education: between standards and realities Nikolay Skvortsov / Vladimir Zyryanov Pages 30-40
On institutionalization of sociology of education Alexander M. Osipov Pages 41-49
The lessons of dialectics Victor Levashov Pages 50-60
Social politics
Founding the Baikal ecological movement at Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude: prehistory, participants and goals Andrei Lyapin Pages 61-70
The interdependence of quality of life and resources of social capital Agnieszka Michalska-Zyla / Vyatcheslav Stolbov Pages 71-80
The impact of social support on citizenship behavior Yavuz Demirel / Guzel Sadykova Pages 81-86
Professional ethics in the context of the sociology of professions: a review of international conceptions Roman N. Abramov Pages 87-94
Cadets motivation types and their relationship with various indicators of attitude to the military profession Ekaterina Karlova Pages 95-104
Trust to social science in russia as a research problem Natal'ja Zarubina / Alexander Temnitskiy / Antonina V. Noskova Pages 105-114
On the linguistic turn in sociology Juan Liu Pages 115-123
Vectors of chinese sociology becoming: pragmatic orientation and maintaining of tradition Liudmila S. Veselova / Pavel P. Deriugin / Liubov Lebedintseva Pages 124-134
Effectiveness as a false landmark of development Aleksey N. Fatenkov Pages 135-145
Ural population under impact of socioeconomic crisis Sergey Odyakov / Aleksandr Lukin / Natalia Naumova Pages 146-151
Social representation about health and health preservation in young students Victor I. Filonenko / Marina Nikulina / Eduard Patrakov / Olga Kovtun Pages 152-157
The opinions of students from Serbia and the Republic of Srpska regarding contemporary Russia Radomir Biserka KOŠARAC / Tatjana Vulić / Мaja Аnđelković Pages 158-161
Left-liberal discourse: theory and practice of betrayal Leonid G. Fishman Pages 162-169
Whether there will be an effect from the effective contract in the sphere of the higher education? Grigory N. Krainov Pages 170-172

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